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Lisk and Stellar Rise Amidst Widespread Market Fall

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Lisk and Stellar are two coins set to have a big year ahead of them. An indicator of this is what transpired yesterday after news broke from South Korea. The news shook the market – most of the top Ten coins were down ter the dual digits. Despite this, however, Lisk and Stellar are now Read More…

What s the Value of Bitcoin? Who Knows

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Photographer: Dan Kitwood/Getty Pictures OK, bitcoin ,sure looks like it&apos,s a bubble. For one thing, there&apos,s that chart: Up, Up and . Bitcoin, te U.S. dollars For another, if you go after the Investopedia definition that a bubble ",is created by a surge ter asset prices unwarranted by the fundamentals of the asset,", there&apos,s the unsettling Read More…

January – s Top Large Cap Crypto? Not Bitcoin or Ether

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January turned out to be a difficult month for the cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin, the world’s largest currency by market capitalization, dropped close to 30 procent, meaning its market capitalization bald off billions after a torrid end to 2018. Meantime, excitement seemed to fade spil the total value of all cryptocurrencies taken together topped out at Read More…

Why most cryptocurrency market cap is fake

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One opzicht of cryptocurrencies seems to be misleading thousands of investors every day: their astounding U$ dollar market capitalization. Wij noticed that this metric is used strenuously by investors, but there’s an elephant te the slagroom: the numbers you see are fake. Very first of all, wij need to discuss how thesis market capitalizations are Read More…

Algorithmic Trading with Twitter Sentiment Analysis!

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I packaged up my 5th and final project at Metis! Te this project I combined my passion for cryptocurrency and Gegevens Science! Specifically, my project wasgoed focused on predicting the price of Bitcoin using Twitter gegevens! For this I used Facebook Prophet to create what I call a Nested Time Series within a Linear Regression Read More…

Bitcoin ATM Installations Skyrocket Via Market Correction

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Cracking News From its high of $20,000, Bitcoin has fallen precipitously to its latest low of $7848 (CMC spot) – a 60% correction te Two weeks. Whether you bought at the top or somewhere te inbetween, our feelings are mutual: THIS Deep-throats! Bitcoin resumes on a downward trajectory and has already cracked strong support around Read More…

The Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP): The Basics, ToughNickel

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Introduction Maybe you have heard of Bitcoin or the term cryptocurrency. If so, you may also be aware that many of them have experienced rapid price increases te the last few years. One the latest coins to rise to prominence is called Ripple. It is a little different ter the way it is set up Read More…

Top Five Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap, Investopedia

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Bitcoin, the leading digital currency by market capitalization, has grown te value by more than Ten times at its highest point this year, but it has also seen significant plunges te value. Still, a number of cryptocurrencies have managed to come out on top. (See also: Bitcoin Price Takes Backstage spil Altcoins Rally.)

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