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Binance down? Current status and problems – Is The Service Down?

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Binance is a Chinese digital asset exchange presently sitting te the top 20 exchanges by volume. The exchange has particularly strong volume te pairs like NEO/BTC, GAS/BTC, ETH/BTC, and BNB/BTC. No problems detected at Binance Binance problems te the last 24 hours At the uur, wij toevluchthaven’t detected any problems at Binance.

No quantum computers to crack bitcoin

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Bitcoin can be considered spil the currency of the future. Spil a result, people are worried about it reliability. Recently, Andreas Antonopoulos, who is one of the most vooraanstaand figures te the Bitcoin community, stated that Bitcoin is not vulnerable to the attacks that are initiated by Quantum Computers.

Circle Bitcoin Wallet for Android, iOS and Web

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Circle is a Bitcoin wallet that simplify’s the process of sending and receiving Bitcoin and US dollars to anyone around the world. Circle is available spil a mobile bitcoin wallet for Andorid and iOS and is also for online use ter a web browser of your choice. The sleek and intuitive interface of Circle’s Bitcoin Read More…

Quantum Computers vs Bitcoin – How Worried Should Wij Be? The Merkle

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One of the greatest rekentuig innovations everyone seems to be eyeing lately is Quantum Computing. Ter essence, quantum computing exploits quantum mechanics to perform computational tasks far quicker than a traditional laptop can. This means that some aspects of Bitcoin could possibly be vulnerable, but how much do wij need to worry?

The Most Popular Bitcoin Scams and How to Avoid Them

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Before you invest, you need to do some research. Spil cryptocurrency surges te popularity and fresh blockchain technology emerges, online investment transactions of Bitcoin and others are becoming lighter and swifter. But spil legitimate pursuits backing the promise of decentralized banking and nanosecond transactions have grown, shady opportunists are increasingly looking to contant ter on Read More…

When Bitcoins Vanish, Can You Get Them Back, HowStuffWorks

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It’s bad enough having bitcoins vanish if the price drops on the ones you own — and it’s bot moving around a loterijlot ter January 2018. But what if your bitcoin account is hacked? Or you lose the password to your account? More than 980,000 bitcoins have bot stolen from online bitcoin exchanges since 2011.

Binance Rumors and FSA Intervention te Japan Create Slagroom For Bitcoin Price Gains

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Cryptocurrency enthusiasts will have noticed the Bitcoin price has taken another stumble. This latest downtrend comes at a rather surprising time. Worrisome news originating from Japan and the Binance rumors are not helping matters much. Spil is usually the case, this market will bounce back eventually.

Explainer: Why are crypto exchanges vulnerable to hacks?

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January 29, 2018 by Youkyung Lee Blockchain technology can make transactions safe and secure, but crypto-currency exchanges that trade bitcoins and other virtual currencies that are based on this technology have bot hacked because they are not working on secure networks, experts say. Late last week, the Tokyo-based Coincheck exchange reported a 58 billion yen Read More…

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