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Monero (XMR) Has Forked to CryptoNightV7 What Miner to Use

Monero (XMR) has already forked to the fresh CryptoNight7 POW algorithm, invalidating the existing and very likely the upcoming CryptoNight ASIC miners and wij have already seen a significant decrease ter the network hashrate and difficulty spil a onmiddellijk result. Since CryptoNight is originally doing better on AMD hardware the people with AMD GPU mining equipments are most likely switching to CryptoNightV7 mining and there are a duo of miners available that you can use. Spil wij ave already written ter advance, there are some good options available with CryptoNightV7 support for AMD RX VEGA GPUs. Albeit the Xrig and Cast-XMR miners that are most likely best for VEGA, they can also work on RX 4xx/5xx series of GPUs, but owners of other AMD GPUs should most likely choose to go for Claymore’s CryptoNote AMD GPU Miner v11.Three. The latest version does come with eliminated developer toverfee, so it is fully free now and adds support for the Monero hardfork, you just need to add the option -pow7 1 and you are good to go with CryptoNightV7 mining. Meantime there are other CryptoNight coins moving to CryptoNightV7, so make sure you are ready for them spil well…

Nvidia GPU miners are also not forgotten and also have support for the fresh CryptonightV7 coins from the most popular miner out there that supports CUDA – KlausT’s ccminer-cryptonight fork. Nvidia GPUs however are spil not spil well performing compared to AMD GPUs, so the rente there for CryptoNight coins isn’t that big, but you never know when you can get a good profit even with Nvidia GPUS mining CryptoNight coins spil well. With ccminer-cryptonight just make sure that you select the decent algorithm, depending on the coin you mine, the latest version adds support for cryptonight, monero, graft and stellite with the last one generating a loterijlot of rente evidently. The latest NiceHash Excavator miner still te alpha also has added support for CryptoNightV7 (also included ter the NiceHash Miner), so you might want to check it out spil well if you are interested.

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Ravencoin Miner v2.Trio for Mining Ravencoin (RVN) Using the X16r Algorithm

There are already a number of forks of ccminer available for Nvidia GPU miners interested te mining Ravencoin (RVN) that uses the fresh X16r algorithm, but they are more generic te terms of algorithm support, while the Ravencoin Miner (source)attempts to concentrate on RVN. The idea is to make user practice while mining Ravencoin better and not only concentrate on spectacle by providing a good hashrate. The latest few updates are making the output displayed by the miner more useful for the miners and wij especially like the function that estimates the RVN earned vanaf day based on the hashrate that the miner achieves on your equipment spil well spil the Kraww! instead of yay!.

The Ravencoin Miner is open-source fork of ccminer with support for X16r, it can be compiled on Windows and Linux. Do note that the official Windows binary release available for download does come with 1% developer toverfee activated by default, so you can support the developer while mining. If you want to can disable the developer toverfee with by adding the instruction line option –donate 0 , so no need to recompile from source with zero dev toverfee. Since wij like what wij see with the development of this miner tho’ wij would choose to leave the developer toverfee on and support the further development of the miner and you might want to do the same.

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Fresh CryptoNightV7 Mining Equipments Available for Rent at Mining Equipment Rentals

The popular service for leasing and renting mining equipments for different crypto algorithms – Mining Equipment Rentals has just added support for CryptoNightV7, the fresh POW algorithm that Monero (XMR) and some other Cryptonight-based coins are programma to fork to spil a cauntermeasure to the latest wave ot Cryptonight ASIC miners. Te the next duo of days wij are expecting to see some of the more popular CryptoNight coins to begin forking to the fresh CryptoNightV7 mining algorithm, so there might be enlargened request for hashrate for that algorithm. There are still not much mining equipments available for CryptoNightV7 at the ogenblik after the launch of support for the fresh mining algorithm, but wij expect to see more of thesis becoming available very soon. There are already a few miners available that do come with support for the fresh V7 of the algorithm available that wij have covered already. Recall that with this service some people are leasing their mining hashrate while others are renting the available equipments, so you might want to attempt either of the sides and not just only one of them to see what works best for you…

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