What is Peercoin, Howtos on Mining, Minting and Trading Peercoins

What is Peercoin

Peercoin is a decentralized crypto currency launched ter 2012 making it one of the oldest and reliable crypto coin with instant payments to anyone across the Globe. Peercoin has no central authority and it uses peer to peer technology to manage network transactions. Its also called PPcoin with trading symbol PPC.

Peercoin is coded based on Bitcoin but its truly one of the alterative currencies to Bitcoin, It is the very first crypto coin to introdue Proof-Of-Stake (POS). Peercoin money supply is determined by the following

Proof of Work mining (POW)(increases supply)

Number of transactions (decreases supply by 0.01 PPC vanaf transaction)

Proof of Stake minting (increases supply at a rate up to 1% vanaf year)

Peercoin Wallet – You can download the wallet from official Peercoin webstek, https://peercoin.netwerken/wallet . Download the wallet and synchronize blockchain and get your wallet address.

Peercoin Mining Pool – Peercoin can be mined using Proof-of-Work (POW). It uses the same algorithm spil Bitcoin which is SHA-256. You can mine the coins using any of the GPU or ASIC equipments. The prize for mining a block little by little declines spil the computing power of the network grows. Overheen time, mining will have an ever-decreasing influence on the growth of the money supply.

Here are the steps to Mine Peercoin

1. Get you Wallet ready to take out your address

Two. Select a Mining Pool from the below list

Trio. Sign up with the Mining Pool and go after the instructions before pointing your miners to kickstart mining. You can even select multicoin pools like https://www.coinotron.com/coinotron/ etc.

Step by Step Peercoin Mining Movie –

Peercoin Rekenmachine – You can find the profitability mining rekenmachine using http://www.coinwarz.com/calculators/peercoin-mining-calculator

Where to Buy Peercoin

Peercoin Exchange – You can buy or sell your mined Peercoins at one of the Exchanges. Exchanges are the ones which facilitates to trade altcoins with Bitcoin or Dollars.

Guide on How to Buy and Sell Using an Exchange

Peercoin Minting (Peercoin Proof-of-Stake) – Once you have your coins either from an exchange or POW Mining, you can send them to your wallet and get rente. It doesn’t require any specific hardware spil your rekentuig is just enough to do Minting. Minting earns you 1% annually. Coins are very first eligible to mint 30 days after they have bot transferred, and after 90 days, their chance of success is maximized. If you mint more often, your earnings will compound!

Step by Step Movie guide on Peercoin Minting

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