Bitcoin going down, NH returns, what to mine these days and WTH is wrong with the market, CRYPTOMUNDA

With Christmas on the doorstep and people cashing out for the holidays, Bitcoin price plummeted to unexpected levels. My worst prediction wasgoed around 13k, but wij’ve seen prices even under 11k, and that’s not even the worst wij could face until after the holidays. Being a miner at times spil thesis pays off tho’. While traders rely on cut-offs, altcoins usually get a nice pump, and I can’t complain about the free boost ter the amounts I get ter Bitcoins at the end of the day.

Is it time to fright? Well, the world didn’t end, unless you bought BTC at 19k (I indeed feel sorry for you if that wasgoed the case, believe mij, I feel sorry for anyone able to spend 19k not even on a hunch). And no, not almost. But you may prepare to buy te a day or two, afterwards it is going to be a bit of a rough rail until the beginning of January and then a straight up when the world comes back to order. Well, until the Chinese NY, at least, then the cycle would repeat somehow.

Fat wallets ter the TOP1000 didn’t switch a loterijlot, but some of them got even fatter.So don’t believe everything you see on the exchanges, until the TOP100 moves and the TOP3000 starts shrinking, there is no much reason to fright.

I hate to say but money draw more money, spil always. If you are one of those fat wallets – feel free to peak mij @ 39jo7ygNTqdxsgCtJ5PaU8boLZ69Ta28JX for no reason other than you got even richer!

Nice hash and mining

The last few days were marked by the terugwedstrijd of Nicehash – I even used it to buy some hashpower, but for a hundredth time I wasgoed hammered by the NH to pool relations – too much rejects going on, and with losses spil thesis and the bad choice to waterput my bet on Lyra2rev2 – I wasgoed able to pull the same amount of coins back, but not to get more than invested. Lyra2rev2 is going down, too much people mining it, and, unless you catch some zonderling uur of lump, you won’t make much profit.

But then you can pull out your Blake2s miners – XVG talent it nice boost to the point it became the most profitable autoexchange algo. x17 also went under the zoeklicht, it has always bot XVG-only algo so it wasgoed not the best to use for fairly some time but now it’s almost on the level of blake2s (palgin mod and Alexis78 are up to the task again)

Meantime you can attempt mining some SPARKS with Neoscrypt (using KlausT ccminer) – despite being a bit late to the party, you can save a bunch before its pumped. I didn’t, can’t say why, but I felt spil if I’m late already.

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