I wasgoed sitting here and it came to mij that all the information for my BITCOINS sits on my pc. What happens if it crashes OR THE POWER GOES OUT, and wij have already bot told it will. All part of the Banksters to steal ALL our money when the time comes. I think about 100,000 employees have bot scheduled to be laid off ter the very near future according to the news today. To mij that speaks volumns that the time is brief before the Banks turn into empty buildings possessed by the Chinese. If you think you have a chance ter hell of getting your BITCOIN funds you best embark laughing now spil 1/Two of all the company’s that are holding your BiTCOINS ter trust will vanish like the smoke from a cigar thats bot out for an hour. The process to stir bitcoins into your own possession on paper is pretty effortless. If you have any do it before the lights go out and your left telling but I had $Ten,000 ter Bitcoins.

Here is the most elementary way that I could find. If you want something more secure they sure exist.

Furthermore, if you lose a paper wallet, you’ll never be able to access the bitcoins sent to its address.

Creating a paper wallet

Here are Ten steps needed to create a paper wallet:

  1. To generate a fresh bitcoin address, open te your browser ( for litecoin).
  2. BitAddress (but not LiteAddress) will ask you to create some randomness by either randomly typing characters into the form or moving your cursor around.
  3. You will be introduced with your public and private keys and their respective QR codes. Do not scan thesis.
  4. Click the Paper wallet tabulator.
  5. Select the number of addresses to generate.
  6. If you dont wish to keep the bitcoin artwork, click the Hide kunst? button.
  7. Click the Generate button to create fresh wallets.
  8. Once the wallets are generated, click the Print button to make a hard copy.
  9. Your browser will ask you to select the printer you wish to use. Te the case of Google Chrome, you may also save the pagina spil a PDF verkeersopstopping.
  10. Make a note of the public addresses, or scan the public address QR code te your bitcoin (or litecoin) app and embark depositing funds.

For users of the Blockchain.informatie webstek, there is also a basic paper wallet option too. Click on the Invoer/Uitvoer option, and look for the Paper wallet verbinding on the left-hand spijskaart.

A much more sophisticated option for your paper wallet can be found

This webstek offers a tamper-resistant vormgeving of paper wallet. It is also possible to order holographic labels to demonstrate that the wallet hasn’t bot tampered with. It also supplies a live-boot Ubuntu CD with paper-wallet software pre-installed.

Security Concerns

Given the implications and risks of storing large amounts of money, you may want to take serious precautions for how to go about creating your paper wallet and storing it afterwards.

  • Do not let anyone see you create your wallet.
  • BitAddress and LiteAddress both support encryption of private keys through the BIP38 algorithm. This provides two factor authentication for your paper wallet, ie: something you have (the paper wallet), and something you know (the passphrase). Also note, that you will have to use the same webstek ter the future to decrypt the private key.
  • To rule out the risk of any sort of spyware monitoring your activity, you should use a clean operating system. A good way to achieve this would be to create a USB flash drive or DVD with a LiveCD Linux distribution, such spil Ubuntu.
  • Furthermore, once a paper-wallet has bot set up via a webstek, it should be possible for the webstek code to run offline. Therefore, before creating the private and public keys, take your laptop offline before generating the keys.
  • For ultra-tight security, print the paper wallet from a printer that is not connected to a network.

Tips for keeping your paper wallet safe

  • Store the paper wallet ter a sealed plastic bag to protect against water or stoom.
  • If your paper wallet isn’t folded you could laminate it for durability and proof against water.
  • If you have one, store your paper wallet ter a safe to protect from theft and fire.
  • You could entrust the paper wallet with a solicitor. For example, the person who holds your last will &, wilsbeschikking.
  • For added redundancy, you may store a wallet ter several locations. Some bitcoiners use trusted family members, others use deposit boxes.

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