Google Referral Program

It looks like Google are kicking off a referral program for AdWords. Check it out at the Join the Google Referral Program pagina:

‘The Google AdWords referral program (beta) is for web sites whose customers and visitors include puny to medium-sized businesses, and who want to help those companies become more successful by running Google AdWords. The program works by providing approved sites unique linksom to Google, then compensating the referring webpagina for passing on a fresh AdWords advertiser.

Joining is effortless, and free

You can learn more about it here and apply here . It’s by invitation only at the uur but you can apply and be notified when they expand the program.

What’s it all mean? It seems Adsense are on a recruiting drive for fresh Advertisers and they’re willing to pay for them – the competition voorwaarde be heating up.

Thanks to Mark for the notification of this.

Update – looks like Google are getting ready to roll all this out soon – spil they’ve updated their policy pagina to accomodate it spil Jen has just posted.

They are just too precious for words.

I have an Adwords account. I have an Adsense account. I have a Gmail account, and a Google huis pagina account.. wouldn’t you think they might want to get the information they need from one of those – and especially from Adsense? Oh, noooo, pack out another form and no doubt get a brand fresh account.. brilliant 🙂

Sounds like a useful referral program to get into – say you can get Two a week that’s around $2000 a year – not bad for an extra income stream.

Looks google commence some zuigeling of affiliate program… Interesting. Bring us advertisers and you’ll get a commission.

I ve attempted some affiliate programs and results are often truly bad.

I d expect 1 conversion out of 50 000 pagina view = >, 1% CTR on your webstek and 0,5% conversion rate, I even thinks it’s optimistic.

20 $ for one conversion is not bad at all !

I’m not particularly interested ter participating te the program itself, but the way I look at it is: more exposure of AdWords = more advertisers = more AdSense ads = more revenue. Publishers should win from this whether they get into the program or not.

It’s not fresh. Yourself already posted a news voorwerp about it a few months ago. Hopefully it will become more open now.

Google has long had an “Invite a Friend” listig at the top of the AdSense console. This is the demonstrable evolution of that.

That referral problem has bot around for fairly a while, I have belonged to it since earlier this year – it is by invitation only tho’.

They should embark an AdSense referral program too.

The more sites playing on both sides of the coin the more Google makes.

This program is not fresh Darren. I had blogged about Google referral program ter June 2005, so what Jen is referring to seems to be something fresh, or maybe they are integrating thesis services now. I am still to recieve an invitation even after so many months of applying for it.

Now the webpagina is telling ” To learn about the Google AdSense Referral Program –” which redirects to

[…] Darren is pointing to the AdWords referral program today. This is a program that has bot around for fairly a while now – the earliest reference I could find to it wasgoed back te February. It’s an invitation only program that pays you $20.00 when a fresh AdWords customer signs up using a listig from your webstek. […]

I just logged into my Adsense – there’s a fresh tabulator for Referrals.

But why on earth do I need to run this separately? Why don’t they just mix it te to Adsense with the *option* to run it separately?

It’s a Google Circle. People referring publishers who will refer the advertisers 🙂

Good news! Google Adsense Referral Program is now launched.

Thanks for the informatie. I’ve bot subscribing to your RSS feeds for awhile, but this is my very first comment on your blog.

About the Adwords affiliate program, I don’t think Google values their affiliates very. Here’s an example of that from their FAQ no. 21:

“…If you click through to the AdWords application pagina through the verbinding on your webstek and spend $20 on AdWords ads, you’ll qualify spil a ended referral and you’ll receive the $20 bounty.”

Now, if people aware of this fact, they might think that it will be better for them to join the affiliate program very first, and then joining Adwords from their own affiliate verbinding, rather then joining from other people’s affiliate verbinding, because they will get a $20 rebate.

A good merchant who values their affiliates very will usually attempt to protect their affiliates from customers who attempt to get “discount” by joining the affiliate program only to purchase from their own linksaf.

Because if everybody is doing this stuff, then affiliates will have tons of difficulty ter promoting and earning commission from the products.

I think that’s all my comment. Thanks.

I just implemented the ads on my webpagina. Maybe I’m not watching something that the surplus of you are, but the referrals seem to earn more than what everybody has stated, so far, according to this pagina (which should be public).

I’ve just copied and pasted codes on my webpagina. I’ve also bot reading the information about Adsense referral program, and I don’t see the $20 dollars everyones talking about . What i’ve read is wij will earn $100 dollars when each of our refferals earn their fisrt $100 from the Adsense Program. I think this is a One- time only Commission Program-No residual Payments. It’s a start– could be better.

The Google Adsense Referral Scheme and the Google Adwords Referral Scheme are two seperate things. The $20 payout is for Adwords, the $100 is for Adsense. Most of the responses here seem to be getting mixed up!

I recently installed the referrals button on a duo of pages but they don’t voorstelling up. Google Ads and the Search opbergruimte work ok. Google can find no fault te my script, except to suggest there is a problem te my HTML. Any comment or help suggested please?

Just noticed a fresh blog that promises to opoffering all kinds of insider informatie about Google AdWords, AdSense, and more. Check it out:

cracked linksaf, and the referral program is now retired is it not? Can you supply a verbinding to any fresh way you can make specie from adsense/adwords referrals?

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