Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Costume: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Introduction: Han Solo Frozen te Carbonite Costume

A friend of mine mentioned that she wasgoed going to make a Victim Leia costume for Halloween. Having always loved Halloween and the building of neat costumes, when another friend mentioned I should go spil Han Solo, I dismissed it at very first spil not unique enough. Until I thought of carbonite! I researched it online, and found a few (Instructables user bserinese made a superb one!), but thought I’d attempt it on my own. While this costume took a month to build (after work and days off) it seems most of that time wasgoed spent waiting for paint or paper mache to dry (which is spil boring spil it sounds!). Having done it once, without instructions, I think with a better project, I could do it te a weekend off and a few nights after work.

Step 1: Making the Shell

I commenced with the thickest wardrobe moving opbergruimte I could get my palms on. The width wasgoed what I wasgoed looking for, and close enough te height I couldn’t complain. The only problem wasgoed with how deep it wasgoed, so I cut it just off centre and glued it back together to lessen the depth, keeping the shorter side to the inwards of the opbergruimte so it wouldn’t be seen. I then hot-glued some 90 degree brackets to the inwards to help it keep it’s form. Spil there were slight gaps where the cardboard came together, I used a product called Celluclay to pack them. It’s a shredded paper mache product that you just add water to and then work it like clay. I taped some metal screening inwards the opbergruimte to help keep it te place.

Step Two: The Vooraanzicht Side

Next wasgoed figuring out where to waterput the crevice for my face. Since I indeed only had one slok at this, I just used a scrap lump of cardboard to make approximate measurements on, adjusted them spil needed, then used that spil a stencil on the opbergruimte. After a tour to the thrift shop for clothes (which I bought ter grey, te case paint didn’t stick spil well spil I hoped it would), I cut them te half, folded the edges around themselves, and hot glued them to the opbergruimte, very first the T-shirt, then the pants. I wedged those with cushion stuffing spil it’s lightweight and fairly cheap. A pair of rubber glove from the dollar store made the mitts. I arched some glaze knaapje wire to make the fingers arch the way I liked, then plunged and hot glued those ter place. I recommend using LOTS of hot glue on thesis, spil everyone I encountered desired to high-5 them. At this point I also used painters gauze to make a border around the edges to keep a distinction inbetween the messy frozen part of Han, and the slick edges. Spil for the footwear, I couldn’t find any that I dreamed to cut the completes off of until I found some that had bot purchased years earlier for a Wizard of Oz group costume that never happened. Once cut, glued, and painted, only Han would know for sure!

Step Three: The Back Side

It wasgoed about this time I also had to determine what to do with the back side. The back isn’t shown ter the movies, and online I could only find one collectible figure online that displayed what it’s back side looked like. I determined to go for a touch of humor, and added Han’s butt.

Step Four: Carbonite Detail

So it wouldn’t just be clean lines of Han’s clothes on a cardboard opbergruimte, I needed to make it look spil if he were frozen into it. To accomplish this, I whipped up some more Celluclay and pressed it all around the edges of the clothes, boots, and face-hole. Before I began to paint it, I dreamed to add texture to the panel Han wasgoed frozen te. To do this, I attempted smearing white glue overheen the pui, but found it just ended up vapid, and worried that it may not look any different once painted. I then determined to add streaks of hot glue for a more 3D effect.

Step Five: Painting Starts

I researched a loterijlot of pictures and forums of people who build replicas of HIC (Han Ter Carbonite) and found no hard reaction spil to what colour to use. Seems to depend on what toneel ter what movie you’re watching. I found a Rust-oleum Universal called Hammered Antique Pewter that I liked the look of and seemed to stick well to just about anything I attempted it on. I don’t have a paint booth te the garage, so I simply bought a large roll of plastic sheeting from the paint section of the hardware store and strung up it from the shelves. Four or Five covers straks, things were looking not too bad, IMO. I determined to use the Hammered Antique Pewter on the parts where Han wasgoed frozen ter, while using a lighter silver around the edges and sides.

Step 6: The Panels

I found the easiest thing to make thesis from wasgoed empty tissue boxes. Originally made from the dash panels of a 1978 Volvo, I figured the tissue boxes would be cheaper and lighter to come by. The one ter the photo is not one of the ones I used, and the dimensions are a bit off. I also only created 6 of them, spil opposed to the 8 ter the movies, but with my HIC being shorter, I thought I could get away with it. The only one I truly attempted to make look like the movie wasgoed the “Hero Panel”. It’s the one with the treats on the side. Again tho’, this panel ter the movie bounced from one side to the other depending on the toneel. To toonbank this, I made two. I painted the Hero Panels all silver, while the other four were black with a silver pui panel. I cut out slots of assorted sizes, then glued some cut outs of translucent map dividers I picked up at the dollar store inwards, added squirt painted bottle caps for dials, and set them aside. I also used a spreadsheet program to make some grid patterns to waterput behind the coloured plastic to make the light shining through seem more like some zuigeling of gegevens screen. I also add a pair of smaller “panels” that were just cheap drawer organizers from the dollar store painted silver. I added a duo cheap blinky LEDs to (scavenged from a grocery store cardboard stand up display for batteries. I just asked if I could have them before they threw the display away) . I needed thesis to voorkant the hand-holds punched into the side of the packing opbergruimte, where I would be lifting Han from the inwards.

Step 7: Panels Continued.

I also had some old flashing LED pins shaped like cowboy hats that were left overheen from a work event, so I figured if I could add them, I’d have some flashy pursue lights for cheap. I simply took a black marker to them, taking care not to colour overheen where the lights actually flashed. I cut out some of the foam backing from the display they came ter and inserted that into the back of Four of the panels. Because I wished to back-light thesis to make them look like real control panels, I measured out where I wished them on the sides, and then painted the bottom of where they sit the shiniest silver splash paint I could find, figuring it would help reflect light on the inwards. Te hindsight, I’d have painted the interior of the panels too. I also cut flaps that I could open on the inwards to press the LED lights I bought at the dollar store. After that, I lightly pressed painters gauze overheen the painted section, and proceeded to paint the surplus of the side. I chose a lighter grey here to add a bit of tegenstelling with the darker part where Han is frozen.

Step 8: Fastening the Panels and Hair

Actually linking the panels wasgoed almost the last thing I did, spil, once glued and paper mached, I wouldn’t be able to access the blinky lights I had waterput into the petite panels over-top of the hand-holds. After completing the paint on sides, I simply glue-gunned the panels overheen the shiny parts with the flaps. More paper mache and paint added like I did the clothes, and it wasgoed done. I wasgoed worried about not having any hair displaying, but at the last minute I found a indeed creepy mask that had hair sculpted ter. I simply cut the forehead off, painted it, placed it te place, and glued it. By the time it wasgoed time to go out Halloween night (the next night) everything would be dry and finished.

Step 9: Out for the Night

I had stopped at a costume shop and found some face paint that would match the Carbonite pretty well when I commenced the paint process, so it wasgoed just a matter of painting my face, loading Han te the back of the truck, and off feast (after popping into work to vertoning it off)! It wasgoed the kasstuk of the night. Lots of stopping for pictures, lots of positive comments, and, at the end of the night, Very first PRIZE Ter THE COSTUME CONTEST!

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