1 Click Directory Submissions with - AutoFill Forms - a Firefox Add-on

When you hear the phrase “manual directory submissions” you might cringe a little and waterput off submitting your webstek or business. Thanks to this snazzy little FireFox Add-on so eloquently titled “Autofill Forms” you can submit your webstek to fountains of directories insanely prompt.

Directory and PageRank Basics

Very first off, let mij explain a bit for those who may not be familiar with the reasoning behind directories let alone what they are. Web directory scripts, such spil the most vooraanstaand PHP Verbinding Directory ($25 vanaf license, fine script, I own a few myself), provide a comprehensive toneelpodium for indexing webstek address linksom or domain names. Most directories have a broad range of categories and sub-categories and others are “niche directories” which concentrate on one specific genre or industry.

Submitting your webstek to quality directories ter suitable categories is proven to increase your coveted Google PageRank. I personally do not feel that this is imperative or even something to boast about, however it is commonly known that the value of your webstek or domain name will increase with higher ranking.

Download & Install AutoFill Forms

Click here to download “AutoFill Forms” add-on for FireFox!

I love FireFox Add-ons that make my life lighter! Go ahead and download AutoFill Forms now and browse around for some other add-ons you may love. Once you install you will have to restart FireFox so be sure to bookmark this article!

Once you have AutoFill installed go after thesis elementary steps to add it to your toolbar:

  • Right-click on your toolbar.
  • Choose ‘Customize…’ from the setting menukaart.
  • Haul and Druppel the Autofill Forms button on your toolbar. (Looks like a pencil)

Configuring AutoFill Forms for Single Click PHPLD Submissions

This addon is very ordinary once you get the basic idea of what each factor does. Once it automatically fills out your very first form it will smack a smile on your face and may have you creating custom-built profiles for all types of mindless gegevens entry you do on a daily fundament.

Let’s create a customized profile for PHPLD submit pages.

  • Open up AutoFill Forms settings and you will be introduced with the default profile that is loaded with a bunch of junk entries.
  • Click on the text “Default” and type ter “PHPLD” and press the “Add” button. You should now have Two unique profile names with the same gegevens.
  • Wij want to liquidate the default gegevens, so Shift+Click the very first cell ter your fresh profile, scroll down and click on the last cell and then press your Delete key.

You should now have a wit “PHPLD” profile. Now navigate to any PHPLD submit pagina, such spil BumpLink.com and press the “Display Form Details” button to vertoning form factor names on a pagina.

You can also use the “Rule Editor” to specify field rules and add numerous potential fields for your information to be dumped into, for PHPLD wij will be stating the the field name equals “LINK_TYPE” etc.

Proceed to add rules for the following PHPLD submit form fields spil seen ter the screenshot:


Go on a Submitting Madness!

There are thousands of active and free PHP Listig Directories some more powerful than others. Here are some good resources to help you begin submitting:

Want to see your PHPLD directory listed here? If you have a quality PHPLD directory with free nomal linksaf, postbode a comment below and I will do my best to include your verbinding te this article!

You can also promote your RSS feed to RSS directories and get more subscribers. DotSauce has a list of 55 active RSS specific directories.

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