Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Canada

Te a latest article called How to Buy Bitcoin Online, I recommended Coinbase spil a trusted place to buy and sell Bitcoin. While I still trust Coinbase, I have discovered that they no longer buy Bitcoin from Canadians.

Where to Buy and Sell Bitcoins spil a Canadian

The buying and selling of Bitcoin is still a mysterious topic for many, so here is some advice about trusted places to exchange Bitcoin and other Altcoins like Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and others.

While there are several Canadian based exchanges, my preference at this point is ezBTC, based out of Vancouver, BC Canada.

I came to them through some research after I discovered that my former go to for Bitcoin exchange, Coinbase, had switched it’s policy and no longer buys Bitcoin from it’s Canadian customers.

The workaround I found for selling wasgoed to find the best Canadian Cryptocurrency Exchange and transfer Bitcoin there ter order to make a Fiat transaction (Canadian Dollars) from the exchange to my canap account.

Why I chose ezBTC

To be fair, I don’t have practices yet with other Canadian based exchanges.

This is because my online searches led mij to many positive opinions of ezBTC ter several postbode discussions on Reddit. Spil well, one of the owners is engaging with Reddit members and is clearly accessible and worried about their customers.

Now that I have used them I am blessed with their services.

I wasgoed amazed to find out that ezBTC does not charge withrawal and deposit fees so the only fees that you pay on transactions are the ones that your handelsbank charges. (Edit: Note that their polices switched a bit recently and eTransfers to my bankgebouw now costs $1.50 Cdn.)

I also like that they are based te the city I live ter too, not that it matters but it somehow helps give mij more confidence te them.

My ezBTC account serves spil a Bitcoin wallet, spil well spil a wallet for any other Altcoins they sell.

Registering is very effortless and requires little information. I had to go through a verification process ter order to sell Bitcoin there that wasgoed more comprehensive, but this is standard.

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin ter Canada

While I have previously recommended Coinbase to buy and sell Bitcoin and still back them spil a company, I now recommend that Canadians sign up with ezBTC spil well, or instead.

Most of us want the option to sell at least some of our Bitcoin at some point. Ter Canada, ezBTC is a solid choice.

If you are a Canadian who used Coinbase ter the past either through my advice or others, there is minimal hassle or fees involved ter transferring your intended amount from it’s existing Bitcoin wallet to your fresh ezBTC wallet, then selling it through the ezBTC toneelpodium which you reach by logging te to your account.

If you have practices with using ezBTC or any of the other Canadian based Crypto Currency Exchanges, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know about it.

I wish you good fortune te your online endeavors.

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