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Nvidia has just introduced their fresh high-end Maxwell-based GPUs the GTX 980 and GTX 970 and the expectations from them ter terms of vertoning for crypto mining are pretty high. After earlier this year wij eyed what the mid-range GTX 750 Ti, the very first Maxwell card wasgoed capable of, wij already had high hopes for the upcoming quicker models. Evidently wij are not going to be disappointed by the vertoning wij are going to get, below you can see a chart with the hashrate that the fresh GeForce GTX 980 (GM204) provides ter various crypto algorithms. Thesis were actual tests ran using the latest versions of CudaMiner and ccMiner with support for Compute Five.0 with no special optimizations that could possibly benefit the fresh cards any further.

Te the table you can see the algorithm, the hashrate you get with the GTX 980 and the TDP usage percentage. The GeForce GTX 980 has a TDP rating of just 165 Watts, so with this maximum power consumption you can see that not all algorithms are utilizing it at 100%, meaning the actual power usage is lower. The spectacle you can expect to get from the GTX 980 is toughly about three times higher with about three times more power usage spil compared to the GTX 750 for crypto mining. The initial price of the GTX 980 however could be a reason for miners to go to the slightly slower GTX 970 prototype for crypto mining spil you should be able to get two GTX 970s for a price a bit higher than for a single GTX 980 and the show you will get from the two cards should be significantly better than from a single GTX 980.

The results posted above are with a reference GTX 980 card running at stock frequency, considering that the GM204 does overclock indeed good, higher results can be attained when the card is overclocked. The 2nd set of results (the OC ones) are achieved with the card overclocked to GPU at 1520 MHz, Movie RAM to 8250 MHz and TDP limiter set to the maximum 125%. This is indeed pushing the GTX 980 to its stable maximum boundaries spil the card truly does treat serious overclock pretty well. Unluckily wij do not have access to a GTX 970 GPU for the uur, so wij cannot yet test to see the difference te show, however it should not be that high, but the 970 should be available at a much more attractive price, so it could be the more demonstrable choice for crypto mining equipments. The GTX 750 Ti still seems like a good more budget oriented solution for mining.

You should be well aware of the fact that some ccMiner forks are strafgevangenis working very well with the GTX 980, wij’ve had some weird results displaying like way too little geyser and low hashrate or the miner crashing, also one of the reasons that not all available algorithms are listed. The GTX 980 and GTX 970 does support Compute Five.Two and not all forks of ccMiner wij have used for testing are compiled to even support the Compute Five.0, the CudaMiner has not bot updated for a while and wij have used the latest official release for the Scrypt testing… not that you would use a GPU nowadays to mine Scrypt crypto coins anyway.