Affinity Mining - ICO Launch

is an chance to purchase a profit share of a new-generation, industrial sized, renewable cryptomining operation, forever.


Spil vanaf the very first milestone, 70% of all funds raised are immediatly used on the most profitable ASIC miners to create instant and positive cashflows for the business to ensure payouts to our token holders after the very first quarter of active mining.



Spil a token holder, you are entitled to 30% proportional shares of the company’s profits (distributed te ETH) every quarter for spil long spil your token is held.


All our units are powered by 100% renewable energy te a state of the kunst facility ensuring maximum profitability on our miners.


A portion of the profits will be further re-invested to purchase extra mining equipment, fund, product launches and R&,D.


Wij aim to shift the global hashrate to use renewable energy, and therefore future-proof the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ecosystems.

This entire process will be submitted to the blockchain te a translucent and safe manner permitting any member of the public to verify the mining comes back.

Ter addition to renewable and profitable cryptomining, the company also offers an extra Four cryptocurrency income rivulets.

The most notable on Milestone 1 however, is the Everywhere Mining&trade, Solution.

  • Everywhere Mining&trade, is a GUI miner that is downloaded and installed, the mining software then uses the GPU chip to mine when the system is not being used.
  • Using proprietary tech, wij will calculate the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine daily, and meteen the entire hashrate of the Everywhere Mining&trade, toneel to our mining pool.

Token Holder Profitability

View the Business Prototype here for more details.

Affinity Mining ICO

Range of Products

The Affinity Ecosystem is a new-generation cryptomining range of products, providing investors an chance to participate ter the organizations future profits.

This ICO will combine a number of emergent technologies that work ter synergy to maximise the profits of large-scale cryptomining.

Renewable Energy Cryptomining

Renewable, profitable, industrial scale cryptomining

Everywhere Mining&trade,

The fresh wave ter profitable GUI mining, waterput your GPU card to work – Good Profits!

Fractional Remote Mining

Own a part of a professional mining equipment.

Zero Kelvin (0K) Wallet

All your cryptocurrencies ter one wallet. Secure, Available, Accessible.

Wallet Exchange API

Lightly and conveniently exchange cryptocurrencies at the click of a button.

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