Featured Post Expiration

by Blaz ·, Published March 21, 2018 ·, Updated March 14, 2018

Featured Postbode Expiration is a plugin that will expire Featured ads before the actual expiration date or just switch featured ads to a non-featured after specified time.

This plugin requires Classipress to work.

Why should I use this plugin?

Classipress does not support Featured ads to expire after some time, they will expire like normal ads. It also does not support Featured ads to become normal ads after some time, when they are still live.

If you are looking for a plugin that will expire basic ads, please use this plugin.

On the Settings screen you can choose how many days Featured ads should stay spil Featured, after that you can choose whether to expire ads or make them normal. You can do this for normal ads that ware added without any membership package, or for ads that were added under membership packages. And you can waterput different settings for every membership package that exists on your webpagina.

You can also choose how often you want the system to check for expired Featured ads. There are three options here: Daily, Twice daily and Hourly. For best results it is best to choose Hourly option.

A nice feature is also an email option to notify users when their ads switch status from Featured to Normal.

There is also a logging option for admin to see what wasgoed going on and how and when ads were eliminated.

Fresh feature with version Two.Four.0 are two counters on the admin caf. One will demonstrate you number of registered featured ads and the other number of days until next featured ad expires.

Admin caf counters Logging tabulator


This plugin has bot tested on Classipress Three.Four.x, Three.Five.x and Trio.6.x.

Version history

2015/12/Nineteen – 1.0.0 – Initial version

2018/01/06 – Two.0.0 – Added options for every membership package and for normal ads. Added logging for admins.

2018/02/25 – Two.0.1 – Some visual switches te admin

2018/02/29 – Two.1.0 – Immobile a bug that wasgoed expiring all ads

2018/03/02 – Two.1.1 – Stationary a bug that caused automaat schedule not to run

2018/04/29 – Two.Two.0 – Added Current Status tabulator and eliminated debugging texts

2018/05/04 – Two.Two.1 – Immovable a bug that wasgoed registering expired but still published ads.

2018/05/06 – Two.Three.0 – Added an option to exclude users or ads from expiring.

2018/05/06 – Two.Trio.1 – Immobilized a bug that wasgoed demonstrating wrong days left te status report

2018/05/27 – Two.Four.0 – Added admin menukaart counts that display number of featured ads online and number of days until next ad expiration. Immobilized a bug that wasn’t removing pre liquidated ads from the list.

2018/06/27 – Two.Four.1 – Stationary number of days until next ad expiration on admin drankbuffet

2018/06/28 – Two.Four.Two – Motionless an error for admin caf that wasgoed stopping the webpagina ter some cases

2018/08/01 – Two.Five.0 – Added a fresh feature to send email to user when an ad becomes a “normal” ad.

2018/08/05 – Two.Five.1 – Corrected some bugs with counting days

2018/02/17 – Two.6.1 – Immobilized a bug that wasgoed not saving settings for expired days value

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