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For those who are looking for an alternative earning options online other than writing sites, Ardex Funds is a fine option. It provides us with an chance to earn from our deposits with no reserve nonsensical requirements. Ardex Funds is a legit webpagina that’s bot paying for more than a year. The earnings are not crazy exaggerated, but practical and real. So, invest ter Ardex Funds to have another earning avenue online.

Ardex Funds is an investment company that engages ter stock market trading with the money wij deposit. Based on the daily profit from their activities, they share a certain percentage of profit with us te terugwedstrijd to our investment. The detailed report of their activities is also waterput up on their webpagina daily and the profit percentage is announced. The payment is promptly made automatically spil vanaf their immovable formula for each category of investment. Ardex Funds claims to have bot founded ter 2008 and is registered ter Seychelles. However, their webstek that offers deposit options for us is online since 2014. However, the company has earned good reputation with fair treatment and regular payments to its investors.

The most catchy part of Ardex Funds investment is the plasticity ter investment amount. There are plans available for all categories of investors – petite, medium and big. The current investment plans suggested by Ardex Funds are shown ter the below table along with other details.

For petite investors, the Unit 0 is the best option. The ondergrens deposit is just $15 for 15 days. The profit is calculated using this formula – (Daily profit percentage x our profit share te %) x (Our investment amount / 100)

Consider this example: Suppose you choose UNIT 0 project and invest $15 (ondergrens amount). Your profit share (spil vanaf the above table) will be 30%

If the profit announced by Ardex Funds for the day is 1.5%, your profit for that day is calculated spil below:

Daily profit = (1.Five x 0.30) x (15/100)

= $0.0675 or 6.75 cents.

The profit is accrued spil vanaf above calculation on a daily ondergrond. You can withdraw it or choose to compound it. The compounding is also lithe with the option for you to choose from 10% to 100% of the profit amount to be waterput back to compounding. However, if you are withdrawing spil bitcoin, then the ondergrens withdrawal amount is $1. So, it’s better to let the daily profit compound and withdraw the entire amount (investment + profit) after 15 business days (Three WEEKS).

Ardex Funds is recommended overheen other get-rich HYIP sites due to the following reasons:

  1. It is more see-through, fair and old webpagina
  2. It offers profits that look practical and sustainable.
  3. Regular, long-term income from just one deposit

Screenshot of Daily Statistic Email from Ardex Funds

Once you choose a project, deposit and choose to compound the earnings, you need not keep logging te to the webpagina. They send you a daily statistics report to your e-mail that gives you a snapshot of your earnings that day, spil shown te the screenshot here.

So, you can know the daily profit of the company , your total accrual, and the days left for the investment to expire.

My earnings so far on Ardex Funds is shown te the below table.

So, if you are interested te a legit, nimble, investment webpagina to grow your money and get paid regularly for long-term, you can go for ARDEX FUNDS – JOIN HERE. They offerande Volmaakt Money, Bitcoin, Redopay and Payeer spil payment options.

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65 thoughts on &ldquo, Invest te Ardex Funds and Earn Regular Income &rdquo,

So how is this presently going?

It’s still going good. The day something goes wrong, this postbode will be eliminated!! ??

My 2nd contract just expired yesterday, and I had withdrawn the balance. It wasgoed paid today promptly spil usual. The earning has bot updated ter the table at the end of the postbode above.

Is ardex fund still working spil your webpagina has the letters crossed.

is anything the matter?

No, it has turned scam!

I have some doubt about this webpagina, how this webpagina is paying that meaty amount of rente. How they are making profit means where they are investing our money to grow such high yield. Thesis HYIP sites may turn scam soon. Primarily the webpagina may pay you the promised amount to attract more customers. When they have enough amount of investments they may turn spil scam. What about your idea Narayana I think you have seen several thesis type of HYIP sites te your tenure of on line earnings.

I agree it can turn scam. Not just investment sites, but any webpagina (like article writing sites) can also zekering paying if their business is not profitable. But there are certain trends to be noted. Sites that have bot online for a long time (at least more than 6 months) can be trusted to some extent. Of course ter every investment risk is involved, even ter share markets. So without risk, wij can’t expect to make profits. The sites reviewed here are based on my own private practice of more than Trio months ter each webpagina. I have also updated my earnings details. So spil of now this webpagina is paying. They invest te forex trading. Hope they proceed paying like this.

Tormentor give mij one online work which wij can trust

Well, regarding online ‘work’, there are many sites like , fiverr. com, etc.. just need patience to get work there.

i think Ardex funds would stand the test of time toevluchthaven’t examined them i think its legit .And amongst all hyips its sound truly nice to invest with.

how do i payusing a handelsbank card

Anna from South Africa I got payed way to go Ardex Funds.

Thank you for your response. I attempted doing what you have explained and I chose PerfectMoney. I got QN error message telling “Your Volmaakt Money balance is insufficient”. Its like I have to fund my PerfectMoney very first.

My question is how do I fund this PerfectMoney it can have sufficient funds? I am fresh, this is the very first time I am attempting to do this.

PerfectMoney is not user-friendly.. May I know which country you live te?

And maybe you could attempt Payeer.. it’s lighter than PerfectMoney.. And if you can explore bitcoin, it’s the best option.

Yes I agree with you…Perfect Money is not user friendly. I explored Bitcoin and I managed to deposit funds te my Ardex account today.

I have received the update of my account for today. I will wait and see.

Fine, please keep mij posted on how it goes for you. Wish you the best!

Thank you Narayan. I will undoubtedly keep you posted.

any one notice ardex having the same with except they failed to edit some portions instead of vdxfx from FAQ still on ardex wordings

Good observation.. fake sites keep popping up. Wij need to be careful

Narayan good day please state steps at which i can fund my ardexfund using payees and it’s charges

how does one know if they are still online

Well it’s only online reviews and practice of investors like you and mij that can say if the webpagina is paying. Spil of now I toevluchthaven’t heard any negative review.

I’m interested on this webpagina

i am from Africa and my country is uganda what is the best online payment system that is reliable and quick?

If you have any ways to buy bitcoins, then bitcoin is the best payment method.

I agree with Narayan….Bitcoin is effortless to use te order to fund the Ardex Fund account…

I followed Narayan’s advice and I successfully funded my Ardex account with effortless.

Thank you, Bernie. I just hope you make profit. ??

But please reminisce – NEVER invest too much.. not more than you can afford to lose.

how do I pay my investment te Namibia?

I’m sorry, but I am not aware of the services available ter Namibia. I suggest you to explore the different options. If you have any service that can get you bitcoins te exchange for Namibian currency, then paying through bitcoins is the best option.

Bitcoin is the best option to invest.. but don’t invest a lotsbestemming.

Please email mij..Im from Malaysia

Hi Narayan, im from Africa and would love to attempt out Ardex, i presently do not have bitcoin now but will be getting some by the end of the month. If i create an ardex account, do i need to fund it instantly or will i be blocked if i do not fund instantaneously?

Yes you can fund it zometeen.. they will not block your account ??

Narayan I’m so blessed with the way you are responding to questions and also your candid advice to those of us who are willing to invest ter ardex. tho’ I registered Two days ago when I discovered about ardex investment, if you don’t mind I will like to be receiving more updates and advises from you spil regards ardex investment and it’s likes. Heer bless you spil I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you, Nestor.

Inputs from those of you who have invested also helps mij to update this postbode. If you don’t get paid please let mij know so that I can update it here.

Schepper bless you for sure.

Let mij give an update…I have two contracts far I am receiving my daily statements and it is looking fine…my investment is growing every day.

The day of US elections, they traded a loss of 0.17% but they did give mij 0.3% positive.

Its looks for now that Ardex is genuine spil their trading relates to reality.

However, I plead day and night that this does not turn to be a scum.

Thanks for the update Barnie.. you are right, it’s genuine spil of now, but wij never know when things could go wrong. That’s why I always ask people not to invest big amounts.

I’m worried spil you have Two investments, you should have gone with only one. Anyway let’s hope for the best ?? Good luck!

When will your investment mature?

Thanks Narayan, another source of online income is mmm and mmmunited. MMM is very popular here te Nigeria and pay 30% profit, of course i have bot paid severally. I dont know if its well known te other countries like its being known here but im just sharing my goodnews and hopes it helps someone. If you know of any other legit online paying webpagina please share with us Narayan. Heer bless you.

Good day friends, i learnt something significant 4rm the posted comments. Therefore, i am interested ter the investment which i happened to be a user already, but one thing i discovered is how will i be able to deposit the money to be reflected ter my account or which they asked mij to pay pls is anybody here to waterput mij through or give proces on how it work?

Yes your concern is genuine. So one is maturing mid December and the other is maturing next year very first Quarter.

I meant mid December 2018

Ardex is fairly legit. Their support is instant. I called their US rep number one day but it’s like they were already out of office. So zometeen, the following day, they talent mij a call back from the US explaining every facet of the program to mij. One thing that interests mij most wasgoed that they told mij the that their invetment program is for life. They don’t intend to trade for some time and straks zekering operations. They also have wagen reinvestment service where your capital and profit gained is reinvested automatically after seven days if your money remains dormant ter your capital account (not withrawable account) after seven days of your initial contract expiration. When I asked to their document (license) of registration, I wasgoed forwarded three documents (Certificate of Incorporation that indicates they are an international business organization, and two other documents of Memorandum of Association duely signed and sealed by The AAA International Services LTD smeris of Global Gateway) I could have fastened thesis documents on this webpagina but for nonavailability of attachments buttons/linksaf. I am presently on my third round of contract, and I’m programma to add the 2nd contract investment. They are into forex trading, and any day they incur a loss (which is very infrequent, infact, across my 137 days of investment, they incurred loss for only Three times/days) my account is being credited with 30% share of the total profit. Bijzonder from that, there is also insurance voorkant for every investor’s capital, which applies wagen matically to every investor.

Is there any proces that I have to go after when withdrawing money from Ardex? My contract expired and the money is available. I attempted using Bitcoin method but I am getting an error telling “this type of payment does not have a reference”.

Could you willingly advise if possible.

Sorry about that.. just to be clear, did u make the deposit with Bitcoin or wasgoed it with perfectmoney?

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