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Experimenting With DIY Mineral Oil Submersion Cooling

The summer will soon be upon us and yet again will begin causing issues with the cooling of GPU and ASIC miners for a lotsbestemming of people. This is why wij have commenced doing some experiments with cooling using mineral oil to submerge a miner and using a traditional water cooling hardware for achieving more efficient, silent and problem free cooling during the coming higher temperatures. Out initial experiments have embarked by using a single KNC Titan CUBE that is submerged ter mineral oil, leaving the fan on the miner to stir the liquid and using a water pump and a water cooling radiator with 3x 120mm ventilatoren linked to it. A elementary setup with some water cooling hardware wij have lounging around unused, but enough to get us began ter exploring the DIY mineral oil submerged cooling.

Mineral oil is with different viscosity compared to water, so it is essentially a bit firmer to stir te a water cooling setup spil compared to using water. Also submerging ventilatoren ter it will make them budge at a slower speed due to the enlargened resistance of the liquid spil compared to air, some ventilatoren may even be incapable to commence when submerged te mineral oil. An example of such an kwestie with the fan not able to embark rotating te the liquid is the 140mm Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000 PWM ventilatoren that are used spil a common replacement for the stock KNC ventilatoren of the Titan ASIC miners. The fattest advantage of using mineral oil is that it is a dielectric and a good one at that, so it is safe to submerge electronics te it and when everything is surrounded with oil the warmth gets lightly moved from the components to the oil. When you stir the oil through a cooling radiator with the help of a water pump you can keep it cool and thus get a lower operating temperature of hardware that is submerged te it.

What you should be reserve careful with is to keep the mineral oil clean, meaning that you need to clean up the hardware well before submerging it ter. Introducing dust and other materials could cause potential issues with the liquid moving through the water pump and water radiator and even cause the cooling system to fail if it gets clogged. Another possible problem with other substances getting inwards the mineral oil is that they might be conductive and since the oil is being moved around inwards the container it is stored ter with everything else inwards it it may cause brief circuit, however that is not very likely, it is still a possibility. Should you determine to takeout the submerged hardware from the mineral oil you will also need to clean it from the residual oil, you should be able to lightly do it with wijngeest or any cleaning fluid or splatter you may have handy and the hardware will look like brand fresh after that.

Our experiments with attempting to cool a KNC Titan cube have shown some interesting results, but it also seems that ASIC miners like that with a single large crystal (or four under one bondage mask) might not be doing that excellent spil ASICs with many smaller chips. Ter fact wij are not eyeing much trouble with the ASIC chip itself when it is submerged, wij are witnessing weird behavior with the DC/DC power units. With normal air cooling the cube is working flawlessly fine everything working at 325 MHz, but when submerged some of the eight DCDC power units begin to behave weird and restart from time to time. Could be the thick thermal pads used that do not behave well when submerged ter mineral oil, wij need to do more research on what is causing the problem. Bringing back the Titan cube to air cooling it is working just fine again, so for the uur wij are going to budge to doing tests with some other mining hardware such spil the iBeLink X11 ASIC miner for example that might do better. Spil for cooling the Titan cube wij are going to be looking for other alternatives besides the stock air cooling te the next days spil wij are not very blessed with KNC’s treatment.

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