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Very plain and remarkably effortless to use.

Yohance, June 13, 2018

Good Product / Best Btc Storage device out there!

Amazing product , Works well and their customer service is A++, I will never regret buying this spil this product has a slender vormgeving with a duo of little accessories included . Ter my opinion this is the best btc device you can buy for storage . Ten/Ten

Jerry C., June 6, 2018

Well done KeepKey

Excellent product. Literally accomplished everything I wished and wasgoed VERY effortless to use. Excellent product. My only wish is that they extend the user face to not only google chrome. But whatever that is not a big punt ter the scheme of things

Blake C., June 1, 2018

Excellent and safe way to store your Bitcoins offline

Good and safe way to store your Bitcoins offline. There is no-one better than yourself to trust to store your Bitcoins and KeepKey is very recommended for the paranoid like myself who don’t trust outside entities to store their cryptocurrency.

BrooklynBNR, May 30, 2018

Excellent cold storage Bitcoin solution!

Very plain to use. Effortless to setup. Effortless to flow. Effortless to spend. No issues thus far. Elementary solution to Bitcoin security and storage.

Sky, May 27, 2018

True security for bitcoin.

You truly should worry about storing you crypto-currency at a third party, i.e. any online wallet, or a wallet on your connected laptop or device. The KeyKeep is the volmaakt solution, a secure hardware wallet for your bitcoin. The product is well made, sturdy, and works flawlessly.

The “leather” slip-case that ships with it, BTW, is not for the device. It is the place you store the card onto which you vereiste write the secure phrase that you are give when the device is initialized. Write it down by arm, out of look of cameras of any zuigeling, and find a secure place to store it. This security phrase is essential for you to recover the coins on your KeyKeep if you liberate it or it is stolen.

You will almost certainly be asked to update the software on the device instantaneously. You should do all firmware updates spil they become available.

I have a few constructive comments, but I will limit myself to one just now. I understand that integration with other wallets may be helpful, I don’t care, but it would be nice if you could ass-plug the device into your smartphone or tablet so that you may use it on the go.

Install the ordinary application te the Chrome browser, the installed app will be on the right side of your browser address toolbar. The wallet is very plain and effortless to operate. Adequate linksaf take you to a diversity of block chain and bitcoin services.

Steven E., April 17, 2018

Best hardware wallet everzwijn.

Effortless to use, nice looking, secure… what else you need from hardware wallet.

Vladimir K., March 25, 2018

A 5-star product, backed by 5-star support

The KeepKey Bitcoin cold-storage device is so good, and such a pleasure to use, it alone will make you want to own more bitcoin and use it more often ter day-to-day transactions. Earnestly. That good.

David C., March 25, 2018

Excellent hardware wallet which is sturdy, practical and totally secure to securely store your bitcoins.

Effortless to use and provides a high level of security and convenience not available te software and web-based bitcoin wallets.

Keepkey is a “peace of mind” bitcoin wallet.

I also found the customer service (re. tracking my delivery to the UK) to be responsive and timely with any questions dealt with quickly, effectively and pleasurably.

Michael P., March Eighteen, 2018

Superior solution for Bitcoin safe keeping

I truly like this solution for storing bitcoin. The device itself is solid, and features a large screen for confirming bitcoin addresses. It is a nice companion on the table for effortless access to receive and send bitcoin. It integrates lightly with chrome, making the moving and storing of bitcoin plain. I would recommend it spil a higher end solution for bitcoin safe keeping.

Toby J., March 11, 2018

Truly Glad with Device

The device wasgoed effortless to use and setup. The best cold storage device out there for not only bitcoins but also other alt-coins. Built to be future proof including using blockchain for document signatures etc. Truly well built.

Edward T., February 8, 2018

#1 Excellent Device

#1 Excellent Device for Bitcoin users. Very effortless to install for beginners alike. Securely secures your bitcoins and I would recommend Keep Key to anyone serious about storing Bitcoins.It is very high quality made and te addition Keep Key has a #1 Support team. Thank Y’all Keep Key Y’all are the Best !!

Rhonda H., February Two, 2018

Effortless to set up &, spil secure spil you can get ter the Bitcoin World

When I determined to explore the world of Bitcoin, I spent a lotsbestemming of time studying to understand how to best implement and secure my Bitcoins. I took the advice to educate myself before moving forward. I determined that I needed to go after the advice of the professionals ter the field.

  1. Install Bitcoin Core
  2. Install a secure Wallet
  3. Implement an air gapped hardware contraption to protect your wallet.

I chose KeepKey because it linked all the advice of professionals te a seamless package and made it very effortless for anyone to set it up. The set up process only took a few minutes using the MultiBit HD wallet.

KeepKey is also the best designed and best built wallet that I found. Its solid aluminum construction, large screen and single button function make it very effortless to read and understand what your wallet is doing. I also liked the leather pouch that comes with it. The pouch is made of leather and is about the size of a business card and it finishes the wallet ter a very professional and well made package ready for storage and safekeeping.

Julio Q., January 12, 2018

Super plain to use

I just got my KeepKey and I am ecstatic. I wasgoed a bit skeptical I would not be able to figure it out but I wasgoed dead wrong. Super plain to use. When I waterput my very first Bitcoins ter, I felt safer about them than I everzwijn have before.

Nicholas H., January 7, 2018

Very ordinary yet stijlvol chunk of hardware! Effortless to use and store. The quality of the product is excellent. The Chrome extension is very effortless to use. And I love the vormgeving! Thank you very much!!

Jeff B., December 27, 2015

Best hardware wallet everzwijn. Super sleek and effortless to set up. Very recommended.

Christopher T., December 17, 2015

Love it. Well designed

Love it. Well designed, beautiful, functional. Excellent customer service from KeepKey.

Michael R., December 17, 2015

High security and privacy, effortless to use with volmaakt vormgeving,

keepkey is the very first choice of hardware wallet.

Shih C., December 15, 2015

Keepkey is safe and effortless to use. I simply love it!

Manuel H., December Five, 2015

I love the feel of the product. It makes mij certain that I actually HAVE

my BitCoin secure and te glance. It’s a good vormgeving ( look wise ) and effortless

to use. I would recommend this product to anyone who is dealing te BitCoin.

William M., December Three, 2015

Effortless to use and options for advanced users too

The Keepkey is superb for securely storing the keys to your bitcoins. Even if your laptop is infected with 1000s of viruses or Trojans, you can be sure that they can never intercept or steal your bitcoins, if they are protected by the Keepkey. The wallet creation process wasgoed effortless enough and I even experimented with some of the more advanced features using the python guideline line contraptions. I am loving the vormgeving and size of the Keepkey also!

Snakies, November 29, 2015

Love it. Well designed

Love it. Well designed, beautiful, functional. Excellent customer service from KeepKey.

Michael R., November 22, 2015

Elementary, Secure, EZ

There are a number of choices for cold storage after looking at the cost compared to other devices , encrypted and effortless to implement .. am pleased with my KeepKey- your bitcoin safe

Mark S., October 27, 2015

Love my Keep Key handelsbank

I bought this product because I have an kwestie with placing my faith ter free software. MyCelium, armory, etc….. Are all superb but they are free. Who knows what I am getting and how long they will last. If I wasgoed investing a few hundred bucks te BTC they would be a good gezond, but I am investing thousands of dollars and I need something a bit more serious. Keep Key is a serious solution for my BTC holdings. I very recomend the product.

Mark R., October 21, 2015

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