What is the best open source trading platform and database to hold ticks from cryptocurrency exchanges like Bitcoin?

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What is the best open source trading toneelpodium and database to hold ticks from cryptocurrency exchanges like Bitcoin?

I thought this dialogue would be useful for those out there:

Indeed? I thought there wasgoed some “core” TradeLink that wasgoed to remain open source. I will check some more.

For starters, I just want to do what I did with TradeLink &, IB already where I stored the tick gegevens ter a database, but with cryptocurrency. So I will have to write code to treat the cryptocurrency’s exchange API. I want to create my own tick database from the price information that I get from the exchange, and I also want to be able to chart the gegevens. I thought you had said this wasgoed effortless to do with MATLAB?

->, Tradelink does not use a database a special gegevens format te vapid files called TIK. You would most likely need a connection to a ge database like MYSQL. Sorry for any confusion, you could leverage the power of Matlab for charting.Like https://www.youtube.com/observe?v=FRJ4zG4FksU

PS. Ter TradeLink’s terminology, what I want to do is record tick gegevens from various cryptocurrency exchanges.

->, Spil said, the code for Tradelink has bot obfuscated or something like that. All you need is a C# script to record the ticks of the Cryptocurrency ticks and record into a database. Keurig? That is pretty straight forward but is there any sample code for the API? Should be if it wasgoed professional enough

I would not use Tradelink spil the source has bot closed off now. I would

suggest marketcetera spil open source trading podium. It is te Java.

With Matlab, what are you specifically looking for? To connect to a

PPS. I am kicking off to see some stuff about Tradelink being intentionally “crippled” by the original author, but evidently there is a fork:

->, Ok. That would be helpful so stir ahead with that.

* Tradelink: Very capable software if you are looking for automated trading solutions. However, you should be aware of a few things. The original open source version is being taken ter an unfavorable direction by the original author. There is a forked version that is worth seeking out. It is working from the last uncrippled version and is not restricted. You are most likely on your own if you go with this software. Yet, at the same time it may be the best bet depending on your needs. Very capable toneel to build off of.

->, aaah open source at its best

* Algo-trader: Seems very capable. I would most likely go this direction if I wasgoed not tied to C++ and C#.

->, if this is the same AlgoTrader, this should be te Java. Is this same one you are reffering to ?

If you want go with something like Marketcetera

If you want C++, check out http://www.trading-shim.org/

Let mij know what you go with!

>, I have no idea about AlgoTrader, I just copied that from the same postbode

>, that discussed Tradelink.

>, What I read about Marketcetera did not sound that good. People seem to

>, be telling that development is much less active than Tradelink. I would

>, like to avoid Java, unless the Java podium is clearly superior.

>, Isn’t trading shim what you had mij attempt back te 2012? It wasgoed painful

>, even to get to the very first step ??

>, So, I want to make sure I understand: To your skill Tradelink

>, cannot record the tick gegevens to a database, because it uses a vapid verkeersopstopping

>, format? Maybe that is fine?

>, I will play around for now, before committing myself to one solution.

Welcome to the world of open source trading. Deep throats huh ? This is why I eventually broke down to develop my own components. Anyhow, yes Tradelink uses plane files so the choice is limiting.

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