20 High Graphics Games for PC and Laptops

T he list contains some of the high graphics games for PC and your Laptop with the most up to date system requirements. From Act games to Strategic games to sports games to adventures games and horror games are included ter this list. It will be updated regularly to ensure that you get to know about the latest version of a particular spel. Ter this article, I’m going to figure out 20 of the best high graphics games for PC and Laptops.

Note: – Left Side indicates the Ondergrens System Requirements and Right Side indicate Recommended System Requirements.

20 Best High Graphics Games For PC And Laptops

1# Assassin Creed III

The most adventures spel I have everzwijn played. Albeit I have not played this one, but I have played the previous version “Assassin Creed III Revaluation”. You will also love this spel. By the way, this spel is developed by Ubisoft Montreal.

Two# Far Sob Three

This spel comes from the franchise of Ubisoft Montreal and is the very first open world shooter spel with role playing, practice points, crafting and skill tree.

Three# Call of Duty: Black Ops II

It is the squeal of 2012 Ops series of Call of Duty developed by Activation Publication Inc. A fresh villain Raul Menendez is introduced te this fresh series where he hijacks the US military infrastructure to further his own zakagenda.

  • CPU:- Celeron E1200 Dual-Core 1.6GHz | Core Two Twee E8500 Three.16GHz
  • RAM:- Two GB | 4GB
  • Graphics Card:- Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3600+ OR GeForce GT 430 48 Shaders | Athlon II X3 415e OR GeForce GTS 450
  • Rechtstreeks X: – Version 11
  • Disk Space:- Ten GB

Four# Hitman: Absolution

The 5th series added to Hitman which is activity and escapade spel developed by IO Interactive.

Five# Natural Selection Two

Inject ter the world of Aliens and play multiplayer shooter spel again humans. Hmm, you are going to become alien te the spel and shoot virginal humans (joking…).

6# Resident Evil 6

Capcom has added another spel ter the series of Resident Evil which is one of the dramatic horror spel. For Xbox and PS3, it is available but PC it will be released te 2013. If you are reading this article ter 2013 then I am sure this will be able for PC also.

7# Battle Field Three: Aftermath

Slew of locations are available where you can use the shooting abilities to fight against your enemies. This spel is developed by EA Games.

8# Batman Arkham City- Harley Quinns Vengeance

You have seen the movie and now is the time to play spil a Batman which is one of the escapade act spel. This spel is developed by Warner Bros.

9# 007 Legends

Proceed the role of James Unie and play the spel to become one of the spies. This spel is developed by Danjaq LLC.

Ten# The Witcher Two: Assassins of Kings

The spel is developed by Grind Studio and the sequel of original The Wither released te 2007. The spel is based on Hack and Slash which means forearm to palm combat.

11# Dead Space Two

A horror third-person shooter spel developed by Visceral Games. The fresh version of the spel support Multiplayer option. Version Trio is going to launch te 2013.

12# Crysis Three

Another first-person shooter spel which is set to release ter Feb 2013.

13# Instruction &, Conquer: Crimson Waakzaam Three

It is a strategic spel where you will need to build your own empire and protect it with the latest weapons (Air Crafts, Tanks, Missiles etc…).

#14 Hotline Miami

The latest series added to original GTA spel is Hotline Miami.

15# Rail Road Tycon Trio

This is one of my beloved spel. Lay track, route the trains, earn money from passenger and expand your tycoon. This spel is developed by Sid Meier’s.

16# Max Payne Three

Rockstar Studios has released another version of Maxy Payne which is a third-person-shooter spel. Overheen the shoulder camera makes it one of the thrilling spel for spel paramours.

17# Cabelas Dangerous Hunts 2013

This spel is an venture te a Oerwoud where you will hunt dangerous animals.

Eighteen# Strong Hold Two

One of the best real-time strategy spel where you will need to build your own country with labor, equipment and stock to defend and get through. This spel is developed by Firefly Studios.

Nineteen# FIFA 13

One of the very first sports spel which has Five features of artificial intelligence and permits you to control the ball, dribbling, and physical play. The spel is developed by EA Sports.

20# International Cricket Captain 2012

A very entertaining management cricket spel which is developed by Empire Interactive.

Feel free to add more high graphics games ter the list and don’t leave behind to share this postbode with your friends.

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