A4 Dominator, the 14nm LTC ASIC

Innosilicon, the global leader te Bitcoin and Litecoin ASIC solutions, pridefully announces that the world 1st 14nm A4 Dominator ASIC has passed sample test and is ready for mass shipment te Two months

World Most Profitable A4 Dominator Miner is coming soon! Early batch goes swift with best efficiency everzwijn and very limited quantity, and who are the fortunate ones to get the access to the very first batch will, with no doubt, love the early build up before anybody else, that means big profit.

Estimated delivery time: Starts from August and max delay is one month.

Warrantee: 45 days parts warranty

  • Part Number: INNOSILICON A4 Dominator 280Mhs vanaf unit (+-10% spectacle, can be over-clocked at user’s risk)
  • Size: Length 28cm * Width 26cm * Height 13cm
  • Televisiekanaal weight: 11KG (without PSU)
  • ASIC: A4, 80pcs
  • Blade: 4pcs
  • Voltage: +12V
  • Required rated PSU: 1000W or above, 8 * PCI-E 6Pin
  • Included: Raspberry Pi, it is cork and play with your PSU

PSU is outward and sensational to save your international shipping cost, which can be acquired used lightly at low cost or reused from old version miners.

For interested parties, please voeling us via email account: [email protected], [email protected] CC: [email protected] with your pre-order volume and shipment location informatie, wij will terugkoppeling you with the payment instruction and pre-order confirmation. You can also voeling our technical support via Skype: inno.miner for tracking. Due to limited supply of very first batch, it will be suggested at 1st come, 1st served pre-ordered treatment. Shipping and treating is toegevoegd and user will be encouraged to arrange its own pickup/shipping or being charged based on DHL rate if shipping is treated by Innosilicon.

Innosilicon, the global leader ter Bitcoin and Litecoin ASIC solutions, pridefully announces that the world 1st 14nm A4 Dominator ASIC has passed sample test and is ready for mass shipment te Two months.

With more than quadruple the power efficiency overheen the previous generation, A4 ASIC offers up to 4Mhs vanaf chip LTC hash power with spil low spil 1.5W/MHs power consumption. This will permit for next gen A4 based scrypt miners reaching 400MHs to 500Mhs hash power vanaf opbergruimte. This vertoning puts A4 product head and shoulder above other miners spil the most profitable mining server te the world. Nothing can touch the well-crafted A4 Dominator vertoning te the next Two years! A4 ASIC/Miners are ready for pre-order now and shipping starts te July 2018.

A4 Dominator is a total custom-built optimized for power &, reliability te the world&rsquo,s most advanced 14nm process, with tremendously proven advantage overheen any 28nm knots. Te addition, freshly added system reliability features that permit for maximized spectacle under any condition, such spil automatic temperature and frequency control, spil well spil DCDC-less automatic on-board chip pass/fail self-test, maximize system voorstelling and avoid warmth harm.

The A4 Dominator ASIC, priced at discounted $Legitimate vanaf chip for early birds, will proceed the fantastic A2 Terminator legacy ter serving our mining community. With the unbeatable price and spectacle, A4 Dominator ASIC/Miner will revolutionize how wij mine coins for the years to come.

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