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Armory is the most secure and utter featured solution available for users and institutions to generate and store Bitcoin private keys, and from the commence Armory wasgoed designed to never compromise Bitcoin security. This means users never have to trust the Armory team.

Armory builds enterprise grade Bitcoin security software solutions. It also provides Bitcoin security consulting services to institutions for deploying a Bitcoin security project. The Armory team is very experienced te cryptography and private key ceremonies and they have collaborated with Verisign on developing an innovative Identity Verification Specification for establishing trust on the Internet.

Alan Reiner commenced building the best Bitcoin wallet te early 2011, and this wallet pioneered the cold storage Bitcoin wallet concept, which is a system for securely storing Bitcoins on a downright air-gapped offline pc. By splitting the core client functionality inbetween wallet security and network security, this innovation created a fresh best practice standard for Bitcoin security. Armory is an enormously advanced and downright trustless solution. Here users are ter accomplish control of generating and storing the private keys.

Because of privacy and security measures built into the software, it is unlikely to know how many bitcoins are secured ter Armory Bitcoin wallets. However, wij know that the number is most likely ter the millions. When it comes to professionally and earnestly securing bitcoins then Armory voorwaarde be strongly considered and the private keys voorwaarde be adequately respected.

Someone asked Farhod at a Bitcoin conference: „Why one should store their bitcoins using Armory Bitcoin Wallet“, and he quickly responded, ‘Because whoever steals your bitcoins will.’

Cold Storage Bitcoin Wallet

Armory pioneered lightly managing offline Bitcoin wallets using a pc that never touches the Internet, which means that you can manage everything needed to create transactions from an online laptop with a watching only wallet. All secret private key gegevens is available only on the offline pc, which greatly reduces the attack surface for an attacker attempting to steal bitcoins.

All private-key gegevens should be kept on the offline pc. By doing that only someone with physical access to the offline rekentuig can steal your Bitcoins. The actual process of creating a transaction and signing it with the offline laptop can take less than a minute. After that, it can be broadcasted to the network so Bitcoin miners can include it te a block. Also, Armory employs many security practices. This means that even if someone physically stole your offline system, then it still may take hundreds of years for them to get through the advanced wallet encryption!

And using Lockboxes te a downright distributed way, multi-signature addresses are available, which means that there is no safer way to manage large sums of Bitcoins than with the best Bitcoin wallet, Armory!


Armory’s primary concentrate is developing the most advanced and secure Bitcoin wallet, where users will entirely control the generation and storage of the Bitcoin private keys. However, this also means that users have to take utter responsibility to protect their bitcoins.

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