Binance down? Current status and problems - Is The Service Down?

Binance is a Chinese digital asset exchange presently sitting te the top 20 exchanges by volume. The exchange has particularly strong volume te pairs like NEO/BTC, GAS/BTC, ETH/BTC, and BNB/BTC.

No problems detected at Binance

Binance problems te the last 24 hours

At the uur, wij toevluchthaven’t detected any problems at Binance. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message te the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Login (62.71%)
  • ▪ Webstek (Nineteen.77%)
  • ▪ Transactions (14.12%)
  • ▪ Transfer (Two.26%)
  • ▪ Withdrawals (1.13%)

Binance Live Outage Schrijfmap

▪ Munich, Bavaria ▪ Los Angeles, California ▪ Lakeshore, California ▪ Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia ▪ Central Point, Oregon ▪ Delray Beach, Florida ▪ Würzburg, Bavaria ▪ London, England ▪ Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory ▪ Vancouver, British Columbia ▪ Fresh York, Fresh York

  • Munich, Bavaria
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Lakeshore, California
  • Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Central Point, Oregon
  • Delray Beach, Florida
  • Würzburg, Bavaria
  • London, England
  • Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Fresh York, Fresh York
  • Utter Outage Schrijfmap

Binance Comments

Binance Issues Reports

@cz_binance Is there any way I can talk to a Binance employee about my account? I have attempted to resolve my kwestie through the toegangsbewijs system, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

@rog_nation @binance i have the same problem,please fix it

@metamask_io i am having that problem today i cant send my ether to binance it has cost mij dearly te profits

@binance Be careful this is only one daily providing away by @Binance, other sites are fake! Check login.

@binance Is binance down.

@N3RDCAK3 @binance Am having same punt

@binance Fix your trash 2fa before you stir on. Sms doesn’t work. Is it a android thing? (Galaxy s8)

@binance A similar code could be shown at the login pagina too if the browser has a cookie known by Binance. So that it says ",Login (Very first time you have bot here with this browser!)", or ",Login (Your code: Hi mij!)",

@binance When will nano deposit fix?

$IOST see for price to go back to 400-405 sats support then a mean bounce. don’t leave behind still te trading competition on Binance until April 13th. Going to drive it down then pump it. Just my opinion .. rather them just pump it from here. but lets see

@IGivNoFks @MarekSchenk1 @LINDA_COIN_BULL @LindaCEOJonah @binance Hey recall when I said Linda coin wasgoed going down? I meant it noobs

@binance It’s letting mij goto exchange now but still won’t let mij login. If I click Login it just refreshes the my account pagina overheen and overheen and overheen and overheen again, permanently until i succesnummer ",zekering", . this can’t be specific to mij

@binance Please do something your webstek is again began lagging a lotsbestemming. When market is hot, wij are incapable to click. Please enhance your server Thanks. #Binancelagging #Binance

@binance I’m having an kwestie with my account all of a unexpected where it won’t let mij login and it keeps refreshing the my account pagina (spil if i’m logged te already, but it doesn’t vertoning anything, doesnt let mij goto exchange, refresh overheen and overheen again.) plz help!

@keyatoms my kwestie wasgoed very likely different. It downright stopped working for mij and it wasgoed coinbase only that stopped. So I had to voeling coinbase. ,I have had issues with binance having so much liggen that I have to attempt a few times at worst.

@CuddleSlug @jayden_crypto @binance If you actually read what @jayden_crypto said, you’d understand why that makes sense. He didn’t say you should inject this code when you login. He suggested binance voorstelling your special code at login, so you’d know you’re visiting the legit binance webpagina

@nostawjk That’s annoying. Especially since it’s hard to tell when it’s working and when it’s not. , ,Binance especially has given mij issues

@binance is someone having trouble solving login puzzle atm?

@theCryptoDesire wow ,wondering if the pumpers are working binance now? ,wij’ll know if it’s back down to 55c te a day or two

@jayden_crypto @binance Exactly so why add anouther code wij have to come in? If you get phished now they have your code. Problem not solved.. They are literally linking your code when THEY send you emails so you know they are legit and from binance. DUH

@binance 2FA problems, I have sent mail no response yet.

binance puzzle login not working

@binance Toevluchthaven’t bot able to use my Windows app login attempts fail after I finish the puzzle

@binance do this anti-phishing code for when you login spil well. voorstelling this code when you need to waterput te ur 2FA code

@binance I seem to be having a problem with the puzzle sign te feature. How do wij voeling support if wij can not loom te

@akibali Having same problem with phone number and Binance. Did you everzwijn get it resolved?

@andrecoward Did you get your problem solved with Binance? phone number ie.

lmao I’ve done the @binance login puzzle like Ten times now and failed every time and I’m fuckin’ sober wtffff

@Cryptobabushka @CoinMarketCap should i buy now,yesterday I couldnt buy coz of some issues ter binance

Is #Binance down? It’s not permitting to login. Getting Puzzle again n agin even after keurig selection. Any thoughts whats going on?

Watching some people with exchange issues – helpful resource for those who aren’t familia: , ,@loomdart is the Head of Client Support at both Bittrex and Binance. , ,If you have any questions, withdrawal/deposit issues, or REfunds ->, DM him for quick support.

@MoonOverlord @adamrmdy Remarkably had no issues, even wasgoed relatively reasonable on withdrawal. About 50% cheaper to withdrawal $ltc than binance

@binance login kwestie. Please fix.

@MGatmiri @binance i have the precies same problem

@RaginmundCrypto @8bitandstuff @binance “,Will be”,”,if BTC is having another or down”,. Work on your reading comprehension.

@Prawiro96074650 @kucoincom im also having the same punt, its stuck te pending. KuCoin hasnt broadcast a send block yet. wtf kucoin. last time i send anything here. Binance has never let mij down

Hey @binance @cz_binance I think the captcha thing for your login is violated ",monster licks the pic", every time no matter how leisurely or accurately I attempt to do it (on numerous computers) (never had a problem doing it before)

Hey @binance @cz_binance I think the captcha thing for your login is cracked ",monster munches the pic", every time no matter how leisurely accurately I attempt to do it (on numerous computers)

@binance are you having any issues with users attempting to loom into the app? Incapable to do so last duo of hours

@binance @cz_binance I lost $Four,000 because of a KNOWN error on your webstek. How are you guys going to fix this situation? #Binance #Crypto #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #CryptocurrencyNews #BTC

@binance I am not able to receive 2FA sms code to login since this morning. Should i deactivate sms authentication or will it be solved soon?

@binance @cz_binance , ,The stand alone client isnt letting mij loom ter. webstek works fine. , , Password is onberispelijk. just not working.

@Cointelegraph Binance is forcing IOST coin down again. They did this yesterday and now they are attempting to do it again. I have proof.

@cz_binance Binance attempting to bring down IOST coin price down right now.

@anondran i think 75% leave it te 2018 and open trex account, now budge to the binance, mostly because verification and support problem, very likely soon wij all go to dex, im using sways and bitshare dex also leegloop, hope i will close soon all my exchange acc

@CryptoCriedWolf @binance Because it always goes down

@CoinEgg_LTD @akayyash Yep attempted it also on a android. Doesn’t work either. Don’t understand why I can’t loom ter on my Mac. Binance and other exchanges are not a problem on the phone. Maybe my account is locked. Don’t know why. It doesn’t not ask mij for the 2fa confirmation.

@binance App not working

@binance is the webpagina down it won’t let mij loom te and the app is messing up ?

@Ajsharma_v @binance @cz_binance Is your punt resolved? ,I am also facing the same kwestie

@Ajsharma_v @binance @cz_binance I am also facing the same punt ,783545

VeChain price manipulation happening live now on Binance! Attempting very hard to thrust it’s price down but the news is keeping it up. Who will win? Bears or Bulls?

@coinbase cryptocurrency exchange Binance is growing, overheen 7.9 million customers. It’s better for coinbase to address their customers issues. Otherwise you lose the competition.

@XVGWhaleReal Binance is manipulating down!!

Anyone know why Binance is acting up, cant loom ter, the Login Pagina seems to be refreshing continuously. @binance @cz_binance

@binance When flash support my kwestie not solve for 6 month

Still waiting on Ethereum to pauze down. Got some last night, but sold it shortly after. Waiting for something I can buy and let rail. Then it’s overheen to Binance.

@cz_binance @binance I have contacted your support staff via email, telegram, reddit, twitter, I am not sure how many more ways I can get you guys to please help mij on my kwestie.

@CacheBoi @dolorsitametcon I thought they might crack down on this after the punt with Binance.

Major issues regarding sms authentication being reported on Binance. Many users claiming they are locked out of accounts spil they are not getting sms. Binance has major issues thesis days #Binance #BTC #Eth

What isn’t working?

Please let us know what kwestie you are experiencing with Binance:

Thank you for the report! If you have any tips or frustrations you wish to share, please leave a message te the comments.

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