BlackBerry Z10 - Verizon - Review and Specs - Compare Before Buying

BlackBerry Z10 is a little outdated phone launched many years ago, which features a medium Four.Two” multi-touch screen, a good show 1.Five gigahertz Dual-Core processing unit, and two cameras, an 8 MP back-facing camera and a Two MP pui camera. Let’s take a better look at what this phone can do.

Blackberry determined to equip this device with a superb spectacle 1.Five gigahertz Dual-Core CPU, packed into the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8960 system chip with a big Two GB RAM memory. Treating graphic rendering, it also counts with a 400 megahertz Adreno 225 graphics processing unit. A nice point of this phone is its fairly big 16 GB internal storage memory and a slot for an outward memory card, enough to install hundreds of applications without any problem.

Blackberry is suggesting this cellphone ter black and white. It shows up that Blackberry didn’t care so much about the weight ter this Four.85 ounces cellphone. This device is utterly snugger and good-looking, being just 0.35″ thick.

This cellphone is tooled with an awesome Four.Two” display with a 1280 x 768 resolution, which makes it unlikely to even distinguish the pixels taking part of the display. Its display uses IPS LCD capacitive technology, and can detect numerous fingers at the same time.

This cellphone features two cameras, an 8 mega-pixels back facing camera and a Two mega-pixels pui side camera. It is capable of capturing movies te 1920×1080 (Utter HD). This camera also features a few useful features like flash, auto-focus and digital pic stabilization.

This cellphone uses a medium capacity 1800 mAh replaceable battery that can keep the BlackBerry Z10 running for several hours, albeit you may find yourself looking for a place to charge it after some strong use. This phone has a reported stand by time of 316 hours and a talk time of Ten hs.

This cellphone offers wi-fi connectivity (and it can be collective with other devices around, spil a mobile hotspot), 4G (LTE) high speed gegevens connection or the fastest 3G connection type, using HSPA, UMTS and EDGE technologies. The BlackBerry Z10 works with a Micro SIM card for GSM connection and it can connect to both CDMA and GSM networks.

The BlackBerry Z10 also includes some interesting features like Bluetooth (enables communication with other phones and accessories), GPS (Global Positioning System) and NFC (Near Field Communication), and numerous sensors like Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Compass.

Blackberry sells this phone for only 125 dollars, which is a good offerande for such a fine phone. No matter if you need a work device, want this phone to play lots of games or are looking for a device to majorly use social networks, this phone is the right one .

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