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Tsubaki Cam Clutches

Mining and conveying go forearm ter palm, and te a business where transferring product up into CHPP facilities and stock pile reclaim pads is vital, you want to know that you have the right equipment to hold the fountain to prevent the conveyor from running rearwards.

Tsubaki brings to the market a mining series of Cam Clutches with a greater torque capacity size-for-size than other clutches, with a total complement of cams on our HS proefje to provide maximum fountain transmitting members vanaf given middellijn. Tsubaki has the most versatile and finish clutch selection there is.

Reliable, rough, field-proven. Tsubaki precision formed cams are “non roll-over-type” with superior durability against shock geysers. With cams and races always ter voeling, you get instantaneous hold switch roles without backlash.

Whether used on the head shaft pulley, on the geared motor intermediate shafts, or connected to the system via couplings, Tsubaki has the Cam Clutch to get the job done and treat the pressure of your mining webpagina.

Typical Applications

The BS series Cam Clutch wasgoed developed for inclined stortplaats conveyors and bucket elevators used ter mining and other industries. This specialized Cam Clutch for back stopping applications features superior flow resistance and dust protection abilities. One such application te mining for the “BR-P Series” is on ventilation ventilatoren to prevent switch sides fan flow when the units are turned off.

Superior Cam Vormgeving

With the vormgeving of the Tsubaki clutch you will be running with less energy and fever due to the cam vormgeving reducing the effects of friction compared to the roller ramp vormgeving. The picture shows the roller ramp with a much higher running temperature from its vormgeving, which permits centrifugal compels on the rollers to increase the temperature of the clutch. This temperature increase causes premature failure of the oil seals and reduces wear life which leads to clutch failure.

Special Vormgeving Features

  1. Self Lubrication Function

When the inward wedren overruns, the rollers also rotate so the cam and roller cell orbit around the inward wedloop outer circumference at a low speed. Grease te the cam and roller cell spreads totally across the insides of the Cam Clutch due to this orbital movement, thus maintaining good lubrication.

  • Sliding Speed Diminishing Function
  • The actual sliding speed of the cams and the internal wedstrijd is diminished due to the orbital motility of the cam and roller cell, so the wear on the cams is diminished, and a longer overrunning wear life is possible.

    Tsubaki Cam Clutch – Mining Line Up

    MG Series

    A proven field performer used on the intermediate shaft on petite discharge conveyors and transfer conveyor chutes, spil well spil for backstopping on pumps. This rugged prototype comes te either grease or oil packed configurations to suit your needs with a series of different seals and operating conditions. Typical applications are puny discharge conveyors and gearbox backstopping.

    BR-HT Series

    This unique product incorporates very special cams to lift off and not voeling with the internal and outer wedstrijd when ter overrunning operations. This is due to centrifugal force, and is the reason why this type of Cam Clutch is known spil a Lift Off Type. Suitable for overrunning high-speed inward wedloop/low speed engaged outer wedren or Backstopping high speed internal wedren overrunning. Applications include internal mounting te gearboxes for backstopping. Interchangeable with popular European brands.

    BR-P Series

    Same spil BR-HT Series but has a bod that is broader than the standard BR-HT Series and two deep groove ball bearings to center the internal and outer races, which permits the clutch to be mounted externally on the gearbox intermediate shaft of the conveyor. Other typical applications are backstopping for emergency pumps on process and inclined pumps.

    BS Series

    A proven field performer for low speed high torque applications. Tsubaki has developed a Cam Clutch that has instantaneous hold back, low noise, lighter maintenance, long life and compactness. This product is ideally situated on the head shaft pulley to prevent any roll back of the conveyor if power failure or system failure occurs. Typical applications are Incline and Decline conveyor assemblies

    BS-HS Series

    The next generation ter Cam Clutch vormgeving that takes the best of all our designs for applications with higher speeds and greater blast requirements than suited to our BS series. Our fresh vormgeving incorporates a Cam Cell with a total vleierij of cams and bearing supported races to give optimum blast capacities and running show. With a vormgeving that often permits for one size down selection compared to our BS series, this unit is a leading edge product. Typical applications are the fresh super conveyor systems with large geysers and high speeds.

    Torque Arms for Cam Clutches

    Torque arms zekering the rotation of the outer wedloop. A multitude of torque arms are available for BS and other series of Cam Clutches. Please consultatie your local Tsubaki representative to find a torque arm suitable for your application.

    Special Vormgeving Versions Available

    Dual Cam Box proefje

    A dual cam cell is a standard specification te BS425HS and BS450HS. If the conveyor needs higher torque capacity ter Cam Clutch sizes BS85 to BS350 and BS160HS to BS350HS, adding another cam box to the vormgeving provides the required backstop holding capacity. Please voeling your local Tsubaki representative for more details.

    BS-HS series Mama prototype

    The special flanges mounted on both sides the Mamma type Cam Clutch permit for effortless replacement of previous units. Also, to reduce costs, this Cam Clutch has bot designed to be used with the previous torque arm spil is.

    Safety Covers

    Safety covers for Cam Clutches are available. Thesis safety covers protect the unit while preventing arms, clothes, etc, from getting entangled ter the rotating portion of the Cam Clutch. The safety voorkant shown here is for the BS Cam Clutch.

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