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Since the appearance of BitcoinGold, many have thought of setting up a GPU mining team. Many interested people want to know how.

Wij will explain what wij need for the assembly of a plain and inexpensive equipment ter costs. Be encouraged that it can be a way to generate income and support the BitcoinGold network, ter addition to being able to mine other cryptocurrencies.

Significant parts of the mining or Equipment equipment

The very first thing to keep ter mind for the assembly of a mining equipment or Equipment is to find a space or place where you can install it. Right now, with any rekentuig that has a medium processor and a modest graphics card, wij can commence working. But wij are interested te a team dedicated exclusively to mining, working 24 hours uninterruptedly without any hassles or discomfort. A place that is protected from high temperatures, excess dust and pets.

A back slagroom or the corner of a garage, is more than enough to commence. Of course, everyone is free to install it wherever he can while looking for another suitable place. At the uur wij can run tests with our Equipment and see how they work.


The motherboard is one of the most significant investments when building the Equipment. Here wij will assemble all the other components, so wij vereiste make sure that their operation will be optimal. Compatible with most other parts and will hold the mine stream.

The processor vereiste be a elementary one, it can be AMD or InteL, the most basic that wij find. It is not used at total fountain because it only deals with processing windows or linux and the mining program. If what wij truly want is to run the equipment for the mining only, with thesis parameters wij are left overheen.

The memories usually toebijten to you just like the processor. With 8 GB of memory and a normal frequency, wij will have enough to run the mining programs.


The power supply is a key chunk ter the assembly of our equipment. The reason is very ordinary: it will give us the electrical stability to all the components and the necessary force across the day. A good power supply, ensures the juist supply and can protect us from electrical surges. An intensive use of 80% of total equipment expenditure is presently estimated at the power limit of the source. If wij assemble a team with 500w of consumption, wij will need a ondergrens of a 750w source.

The hard disk or HDD will make the function of saving the files ter Windows or Linux and the drivers of the graphics cards with the mining program. One with 80GB capacity is more than enough.

The risers should be USB cables with a ondergrens length of 60cm. Most are sold on Amazon or Ebay and uncommonly fail since they are ordinary to assemble and do not need to be configured. They are mounted ter the PCI slots.


Graphics cards will be the most significant part of our very first Equipment. The good choice of it will depend on the total yield and productivity of the mine. There are two major manufacturers of GPUs, AMD and NVidia. If wij choose a different algorithm or switch the cryptocurrency, the spectacle can vary greatly. Ter this case, wij have chosen the algorithm “equihash” because it is one of the best vertoning graphics. Other algorithms may be affected depending on prototype and mine power.

The cables that feed our graphics cards ALWAYS voorwaarde be the originals of the power supply. I do not recommend recycling old cables from other sources or cables that have already bot used for a long time te other equipment. Wij run the risk of suffering burns, sparks, overheating and even worse, spoil the GPU or motherboard.

Following thesis elementary tips, wij will love a safe mining and without disturbances.


– MainBoard 1151 with at least Four pci, Celeron processor, 8GB of RAM

– Power supply 750w rating 80 plus platinum, HDD 80 GB, Riser 60cm

-GPU AMD RX 580 8GB, AMD RX 480, AMD VEGA 56

-GPU NVIDIA 1060 6GB, 1070 8GB, 1080i 11GB

From here it will depend on the budget of each one and the amount to be assembled that you wish to mine.

All linksaf are downloaded correctly and are functional.

Two reasons BTG will proceed to support

  • The very first reason I think Bitcoin Gold will keep is that its developer wants to proceed with the original vision. The notion is that Bitcoin’s mining has bot centralized and some mining companies control this space, creating a monopoly sensational to a few.

To combat this problem, the developers have created a series of provisions that will decentralize the extraction of Bitcoin Gold and permit the daily consumer to participate with a plain pc. This will equal the playing field, making this a criptomoneda an asset-oriented for all and not for the selected few, making it the people’s bitcoin.

  • The 2nd reason I think Bitcoin Gold came to stay is that it is a derivative of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Specie. Bitcoin is the pole on which all cryptocurrencies are based. All this zuigeling of criptomonedas began with Bitcoin, and while Bitcoin thrives and works well, the entire framework that supports the fresh niche product remains intact.
  • If Bitcoin or any of its derivatives embarks to collapse and fails, it will have generalized effects. If it happened, I think they will mark the end for this zuigeling of blockchain products. The trend is fairly clear and there is little to suggest that this happens because Bitcoin’s heavyweight proceeds to stir toward higher prices.

    If you are one of the people who proceed to work on mining projects this may be one of the most significant steps of Bitcoin.

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