How much time do the faucet sites take to create 1 Bitcoin?

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Make sure you know how to setup tor ter you system very first. Just make sure that you know about safe route.

Now, bitcoin is a virtual money which is not hard contant or something that you can touch.

1.Government keeps switching the notes . So, you can’t rely on paper. A 2000rs note that is a paper basically will not be accepted te Pakistan.

Two. Tho’ the transaction history is public but transaction details, source , destinations are so well encryption. Hurray. Anonymous.

Trio. Most likely don’t want to pay a drug dealer or a hitman by credit card swipe.. is it? Recently so many payment service are taking your payment spil bitcoin and converting it to dollar and paying the merchant te contant to their canap account.. ohh interesting.

Four. I think it is the future to hide your money. Who knows you could be a millionaire someday.

  1. The currency value fluctuates a lotsbestemming. Whatever is worth of $1400 today, may not be tomorrow.
  2. It’s all virtual , Decentralisedand Annonimity is it’s principal. Know your arm well before playing your next card.
  3. There doesn’t exist free money. Right?

Well , are you courageous enough to take risks?

Buy few bitcoins and keep it.

Now, your original question:

  1. Faucets sites are promotional sites which gives you free bitcoins spil satoshi unit(lowest) for some plain task you have to do everyday. Every hour , minutes and they grant you few satoshi like 2000 or 10000. Keep te mind that 100 million satoshi equals to 1 bitcoin.
  2. If I calculate correctly , it takes more than 3years (estimated). You have to do some stuff everyday and you will be bored after a while te search of free money eventually.
  3. Te my opinion, if you are into it learn thesis useful processes.
  • Create few bitcoin accounts
  • set transaction address
  • send money to different address listig to your accounts.
  • Transfer like .000000002 BTC to your other account. Get some skill from coinbase webstek.
  • Learn how to mine bitcoin.
  • Learn about bitcoin classic and bitcoin contant.
  • setup wallets on PC and mobile.

Four. Now, if you have much confidence, buy some bitcoins using your own money. Future will be taken overheen by this virtual money one day or may be not. 1 BTC worth around $4000 today few years ago it wasgoed $Trio. Now, take a deep breath , think, rationalize and pursue your fantasy.

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