HP Compaq Mini 700 review, Alphr

It’s a pleasure to use and it’s gorgeous, but those looks do come at a cost ter other significant areas

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HP’s very first netbook, the 2133 Mini-Note, wasgoed a aggressive frustration. Its gorgeous chassis, fantastic screen and neat keyboard were let down by a misjudged combination of a sluggish VIA C7M processor and the use of Windows Vista and SUSE’s Linux Enterprise.

It comes spil some consolation then that the HP Compaq Mini 700 addresses both those complaints right from the off. VIA’s processor has bot supplanted by Intel’s Atom and partnered with Microsoft’s far more netbook-friendly OS, XP Huis.

Grab a hold of the Mini 700 and there are unquestionable echoes of its predecessor’s good looks. Finished te jet black, it boasts a snugger but ideally formed figure that rival netbooks would kill for.

The glossy penis contrasts nicely with the matte interior, and the broad, dimpled-chrome hinge looks gorgeous and serves to house the Mini 700’s speakers. Everything from the power button to the glossy edge-to-edge display shows an attention to detail that eludes most, if not all of the competition.

That fine figure is matched by a weight of 1.15kg and petite dimensions of just 261 x 167 x 25mm. It all looks and feels terribly outstanding, until you notice that this all comes at the expense of something vital: battery life.

Spil a result of the lil’ battery on the Mini 700’s underside, our light usage test found the HP running empty after just 3hrs 18mins. Admittedly, some consolation comes ter an intense-use score of 2hrs 27mins, which suggests you’ll get around 3hrs of life out of the Compaq whatever you do with it.

Plus, HP confirmed that a six-cell battery will be available spil an optional toegevoegd, but at the time of writing could suggest no pricing estimates.

Look to the HP Compaq’s specifications and, while they’re largely an improvement on that of the 2133 Mini-Note, there’s little to get excited about. An Intel Atom N270 and a single gigabyte of RAM sidle up alongside a paltry 60GB hard disk, and Intel’s GMA 950 graphics round off the package. Voorstelling, spil you’d expect, is on a par with the surplus of the Atom-powered competition, racking up 0.40 te our benchmarks.

Wireless connectivity is par for the course too, with 802.11bg and Bluetooth Two.1 complemented by a Ten/100 Ethernet socket for when you’re within reach of a wired network.

One thing wij’d like to have seen the back of is the 2133’s trackpad, but unluckily it rears its head again. With a broad, squat profile and buttons shifted to either side, it’s not particularly comfy to use. Wij found our palms tapping the buttons accidentally whilst typing, but gratefully HP spared our already thinning patience by placing a button just above to toggle it on and off spil required.

And the keyboard makes amends. The broad, square keys have a positive activity and comfy feel under the finger, and the layout is excellent. A sensible-sized Inject key, full-width right Shift key and no bizarre layout choices – Samsung NC20, take note – all combine to make the Mini 700’s the best netbook keyboard wij’ve encountered.

It’s all the more stupefying then that HP has tinkered with the other advantage the 2133 held overheen the competition. Ter place of that netbook’s high-resolution 1,280 x 768 pixel display, the Mini 700 opts for a Ten.2in 1,024 x 600 alternative.

It might be what so many other netbooks lodge for, but based on past attempts wij had expected better. The picture quality is nothing to write huis about either: the muted colour reproduction and poor tegenstelling leave photos looking washed out, despite the glossy finish. Ter its favour, tho’, there’s no sign of graininess that you get with the very cheapest screens.

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