Immersion cooling, PC Perspective

Subject: Cases and Cooling | November 20, 2018 – Ten:09 PM | Tim Verry

PC Gamer Hardware (formerly Maximum PC) spotted a cool immersion cooling system being shown off at the SuperComputing conference te Denver, Colorado earlier this month. Allied Control who wasgoed recently acquired by BitFury (popular for its Bitcoin mining ASICs) wasgoed at the voorstelling with a two phase immersion cooling system that takes advantage of 3M’s Novec fluid and a water cooled condesor coil to submerge and cool high end and densely packed hardware with no moving parts and no pesky oil residue.

Nick Knupffer (@Nick_Knupffer) posted a movie (embedded below) of the cooling system ter act cooling a high end processor and five graphics cards. The components are submerged te a non-flamable, non-conductive fluid that has a very low boiling point of 41°,C. Interestingly, the heatsinks and ventilatoren are eliminated permitting for ongezouten voeling inbetween the fluid and the chips (ter this case there is a copper baseplate on the CPU but nude ASICs can also be cooled). When the hardware is te use, warmth is transfered to the liquid which starts to boil off from a liquid to a vapor / gaseous state. The vapor rises to the surface and hits a condensor coil (which can be water cooled) that cools the gas until it turns back into a liquid and falls back into the waterreservoir. The company has previously shown off an overclocked 20 GPU (250W) plus dual Xeon system that wasgoed able to run vapid out (The GPUs at 120% TDP) running deep learning spil well spil mining Z-Cash when not working on HPC projects while keeping all the hardware well under thermal thresholds and not throttling. Cnet also spotted a Ten GPU system being shown off at Computex (warning autoplay movie ad!).

According to 3M, two phase immersion cooling is enormously efficient (many times more than air or even water) and can enable up to 95% lower energy cooling costs versus conventional air cooling. Further, hardware can be packed much more tightly with up to 100kW/square peettante versus 10kW/sq. m with air meaning immersion cooled hardware can take up to 10% less floor space and the warmth produced can be reclaimed for datacenter building heating or other processes.

Neat stuff for sure even if it is still out of the range of huis gaming PCs and mining equipments for now! Speaking of mining BitFury plans to cool a massive 40+ MW ASIC mining farm ter the Republic of Georgia using an Allied Control designed immersion cooling system (see linksaf below)!

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