Kraken first launches ether dark pool trading, Coinfox

Openbreken cryptocurrency exchange, which trades bitcoin, litecoin, ether and a range of fiat currencies, for the very first time ter the world is providing its clients the chance to trade ether entirely anonymous.

With dark pool deals, other traders on the market do not know the sum, the participants and the currency of a given transaction. This makes it possible to accomplish the transaction without affecting the market.

The fresh option may be of rente for market players willing to carry out large deals. This method helps to avoid situations when movement of big sums causes reaction of the market and affects the asset’s price. The minimal sum for a dark pool transaction is 50 bitcoins or 2500 ether, says Openleggen CEO Jesse Powell te a latest article ter the corporate blog.

“Kraken is proud to be the very first exchange to provide clients with a dark pool for ether, a strategic option for professional traders. This year, trading volume for ether has dramatically enlargened on Kraken’s exchange, and wij developed the Ether dark pool to bridge the gap inbetween our lit order books and over-the-counter desk,” he said.

The fresh service costs a toverfee, but not much higher than an ordinary open market transaction. For example, while the exchange usually charges a 0.00-0.26% toverfee for BTC/ETH trade (depending on the sum), dark pool trading with the same currencies will cost 0.20-0.36%.

The service is a result of both the growing popularity of the Ethereum toneelpodium and its “fuel” ether (the price of which has grown ten times since January) and of certain switches that the ether community is undergoing. The request for dark pools, displaying the intention to do secret transactions with large sums of currency, may mean that professional traders have got their teeth into ether.

Alongside with this stir, the exchange has announced some other steps favouring the interests of ether owners. Margin trade is being enhanced, ter particular, through enhancing leverage for ETH/BTC up from Two.5x to 4x. This means that a transaction carried out with borrowed money from now on only requires a collateral equal to 25 % of the sum of the transaction. Such a step makes it possible to do risky transactions but increases the liquidity of the currency.

Ter addition, the exchange introduces another novelty: now ether savings can act spil a collateral for marginal trade transactions. All this indicates the growing trust for ether and Openleggen intending to attract more ether owners.

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