Review Acer Aspire One 756-B847X Netbook

Are they still around? Wij toevluchthaven’t tested a netbook ter four months. The petite and low-cost notebooks have not prevailed on the market. Nevertheless, Acer sent the Aspire One 756-B847X to our test laboratorium and wij look at whether they are making a comeback.

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Te 2009 and 2010, manufacturers attempted to attract buyers with puny, cheap, light, and not particularly powerful netbooks. Even then, it wasgoed clear that the world of the internet would always become more mobile. Whether it wasgoed due to poor show or because customers just preferred their smartphones, the devices did not prevail ter the market. Today ultrabooks and convertibles predominate the market, combining the best of tablets and notebooks.

Acer wasgoed at the forefront of the netbook trend with its Aspire One series. They brought dozens of different devices to the market. The bright colors of the housing should have attracted trend-oriented customers, who had had enough of the standard gray and black of laptops. While many manufacturers no longer have a netbook podium, with the Aspire One 756-B847X, Acer brings to the market a subnotebook at a netbook price (here wij tested the configuration with the Pentium 987).

The test netbook is not based on the usual Atom verhoging from Intel, but an Intel Celeron 847 dual core processor. With Four GB of memory and a large 320 GB hard drive, the Aspire One 756-B847X should please customers. There is no longer much competition: Lenovo and Asus still have some products to offerande, such spil the Lenovo IdeaPad S206 or the Asus Eee PC R052C. The Asus X201E is also based on an Intel Celeron processor. Sony still participates with the Sony VAIO SVE-1111M1E/P. The HP Pavilion dm1-4200sg is also a suitable alternative. Except for the offerings from Asus, all competitors’ products use AMD processors.

It’s necessary for some details of the case to switch, otherwise, one feels like they’re back ter the heyday of netbooks. It wasgoed popular to install the battery so that it wasgoed not visible and at the top of the case. This is still true for the current Acer Aspire One. However, there’s a gap ter the case when running the unit without the battery. Otherwise, the Acer Aspire One 756 is very stable, from the keyboard to the palm surplus [for any key press]. The screen is sensitive to pressure against the piemel and can be seen on the panel.

You can choose any of the following colors for the voorkant of an Acer Aspire One 756: blue, black, silver, and crimson. The piemel and keyboard bezel are done te the same color chosen for the case, while the screen climb on and underside remain black. Overall, the Acer Aspire One 756 is manufactured well and the choice of different colors makes it possible to customize the netbook spil suitable for office or huis use.


Traditionally, there are not very many connection ports on cheap netbooks. With the Acer Aspire One 756, you voorwaarde do without USB Trio.0 ports, even tho’ the chipset would permit for two of them. After all, there are a welgevoeglijk number of netbooks with three USB Two.0 ports. Right-handed users who like to use a mouse will appreciate that Acer has kept the pui right side free of connection ports.

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