Scrypt algorithm FPGA mining machine available, Litecoin mining equipment competition kicked off

Scrypt algorithm because of the need to consume a loterijlot of memory, ASIC has a good resistance, wasgoed once considered the GPU is its best mine machine. It is learned that Crypto Industries overcome the knelpunt of FPGA memory bandwidth, the use of Xilinx FPGA chips to create a Scrypt-FPGA mining machine, you can save 2-3 times the power consumption.

If FPGA mining machine can be relatively inexpensive comparing GPU launch, ASIC chip Scrypt algorithm wij believe will vraaggesprek, which uses money Scrypt algorithm is a good titillating latest downturn te the LTC and FTC, etc. The rise of mining difficulty will increase the price of such algorithm coins, BTC this year’s toneel may soon be ter LTC, FTC and other currencies staged. Most digital coins are computer-generated and use “work-proven” algorithms designed to justify the computational power invested ter coin-cutting. Bitcoin uses the SHA-256 algorithm, other cryptocurrencies use another encryption method, called scrypt. The largest difference inbetween scrypt and SHA-256 is that the former relies powerfully on the processing unit’s own computational resources, especially memory. On the contrary SHA-256 does not have this problem. This makes scrypt-based systems difficult to scale, using a large amount of memory that is directly proportional to the memory cost, while memory costs are high. “It’s very hard to do a lotsbestemming of parallel scrolling of instances of the scrypt algorithm on a graphics card, for example,” said Charles Lee, inventor of litecoin. “This means that the cost of growing an ASIC mine for scrypt is much higher than the cost of an SHA-256 ASIC mine.” However, some companies are embarking to sell scrypt-based miners. One such spil Crypto Industries, headquartered ter London, England. It will soon launch the presale of three different scrypt mines: Isis a 1MH / sec unit, Osiris 5MH / sec unit, Horus, 10MH / sec unit. Mike Kular, the company’s co-founder, wasgoed a marketing manager full-time with digital currency. He uses 20 GPUs to dig the digital coins based on SHA-256 and scrypt, costing him ¬£ 600 a month. “The most significant thing is the power efficiency of the equipment, which is 2-3 times more power efficient using our equipment.”

Crypto Industries’ miner is based on Xilinx’s FPGA chips, which according to the company’s specifications table worst case The power consumption is respectively 150W, 750W, and 1.Five kilowatts. However, given the requirements of the scrypt algorithm, power is not the only critical factor, and memory is significant. The memory bandwidth determines how many I / O pins are on the chip. Similar to ASICs, it is significant that the process knots (the size of the transistor, determine how many logic gates to getraind te a petite slice of silicon). But the relative bitcoin mining machine ASIC is not so significant. “Logic gates are not the key,” Kular said. “The I / O pins are” and their FGPA boards have a memory bandwidth of 24.8 GB / sec each. Crypto Industries’ equipment will use numerous houtvezelplaat combinations and control using Raspberry Pi. Will run a custom-built CGMiner for open source mining software for FPGAs. Users can access the device through the browser or upload their own configuration ter a predetermined format via the USB flash drive. The company will support brushing firmware to permit devices to dig into other cryptocurrencies based on the scrypt algorithm. But at the ogenblik it is only possible to switch inbetween Litecoin and Feathercoin (Feather Coin), but may support 30-40 different copycat currencies te the very first month after the very first shipments, telling that the delivery time The pre-sale period should be very close. There are other companies that project to offerande dedicated scrypt mines. It’s difficult, but not unlikely, for an ASIC to implement Scrypt, Lee said. “ASICs do not necessarily cost everyone to mine, te fact the opposite, and ASIC permits anyone to buy miners and run it.”

The problem is that big buyers can afford millions of dollars Mining equipment, and cheaper prices than retail, which will squeeze retail living space te bitcoin or Litecoin miner arms wedloop. ” He added

There are also some ASIC-based miners ter the development, scrypt Asic International (SAI) last week at the CryptoStocks showcase the vormgeving. Even the very first vormgeving wasgoed improved prior to shipment, called “GPU conversion technology”, an ASIC-based vormgeving that provides an older specimen 1 unit called ‘mini’ Force of Two.5MH / sec, according to their Cryptostocks argument, the price of 800 euros, while the fresh 1-cell device provides 5MH / sec computational power, according to the webstek description of the price of 1500 euros.

Then the Alpha Technologies , Did not reply to CoinDesk’s mail, but they have already implemented integration of GPU chips into FGThe idea te Vader (albeit its webstek also calls it ASIC). 5MH / sec calculated power at 200 watts.

Thesis companies are not shipping, albeit they are online promise, there is no record of trackability is reliable. But KnCMiner can, the company has already commenced selling its bitcoin ASIC mining machine, there is a project based on scrypt mining machine products. But few people know it. “We can not release thesis details because wij have not finished the vormgeving,” co-founder Sam Cole told CoinDesk.

The question now is who to buy thesis mines? Thesis cottage coins can be popular to attract people to invest te mining machine it? Litecoin grows with Bitcoin. From the major businesses began to support Litecoin still a few steps to go. Lee said that there will be payment process support Litecoin, but ter the past need a way to support Bitcoin exchange other currencies. This means that major exchanges need liquidity support. He wants Mt. Gox to fulfill its promise of supporting Litecoin and hopes Bitstamp and BTC China will do the same. “So soon Litecoin will be a major step toward dealer support.”

A scrypt-based miner may be a relatively fresh thing, the sooner it may get a gamble, provided that Litecoin gains a solid The merchant support and payment system wasgoed established and commenced to take off. Litecoin now costs 25GH / sec on the entire network, which means you get 1% of the entire network with 25 Crypto Industries Horus mines (10MH / sec). Litecoin is not the only digital currency based on the scrypt algorithm, but it is the most sturdy. If Litecoin’s price has bot good, buying a mining machine is a elementary proposition. However, the currency bitcoin price has bot falling since early July.

If you buy miners will hope that the price of Litecoin rebound during this period, they can choose to dig Litecoin or other scrypt based on the cottage currency. This can be a very interesting monitoring requirement when the pre-sale of thesis mines is open.

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