Victory for Lyft and Uber in Seattle council vote After 15 months of continuous negotiations, Lyft and Uber will be able to operate (fairly) freely again in Seattle.

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Victory for Lyft and Uber ter Seattle council vote

After 15 months of continuous negotiations, Lyft and Uber will be able to operate (fairly) loosely again te Seattle.

By Dan Raile , written on July 14, 2014

Sean Parker gives $49k to make life lighter for other San Francisco parkers

Sean Parker, he of Napster, Facebook, Timberlake, and $Four.Five million wedding ceremony fame, has donated $49,000 to back a voter initiative to give more of a voice to San Francisco motorists.

By Dan Raile , written on July 14, 2014

Snowden is right, rushing through anti-Internet laws is something no fair government should do

Edward Snowden is furious. Te an vraaggesprek with the Guardian, he says it ",defied belief", that the UK government has rushed through an Internet surveillance bill which regulates how UK-based Internet companies voorwaarde retain gegevens, and how it voorwaarde be made available to security services. Snowden said it wasgoed very unusual for a public figure to pass an emergency law such spil this ter circumstances other than a time of total war. ",I mean wij don’t have bombs falling. Wij don’t have U-boats te the harbour.", Snowden is absolutely right, of course, both ter his criticism of governments passing hasty anti-Internet legislation and ter pointing out that it isn’t just the US government that gets up to thesis kinds of hijinks.

Rdio fucking partners with Shazam, breathing fresh life into one of mobile’s original killer apps

For mij, Shazam wasgoed one of the earliest ",holy shit", services of the mobile age. You mean with the press of a button, a chunk of software could identify whatever song wasgoed playing on the radio, at a drankbuffet, or te a movie? It wasn’t exactly a flying car, but spil a rabid music fan who grew up te the pre-digital age frustrated by radio stations’ unwillingness to just tell us who sang the damned song, Shazam felt, like its comic book namesake, nothing brief of magical.

By David Holmes , written on July 14, 2014

When ISPs request interconnection fees from Netflix and the like, nobody wins

The Internet Association just sent a letterteken to the Federal Communications Commission asking the agency to prevent ISPs from collecting interconnection fees — which opoffering better access to the ISP’s network for companies like Netflix and YouTube — so it can help defend the free Internet. The companies asked to pay thesis interconnection fees have argued that it’s unfair for ISPs to be paid twice (once by them and once by a consumer) to send the same information, the ISPs have said that their networks can’t treat thesis data-hungry services if those fees aren’t paid.

Will a proposed $56B Big Tobacco merger make e-cigarettes spil dirty spil traditional smokes?

Last week, R.J. Reynolds and Lorillard, the 2nd and third largest tobacco companies te the U.S., exposed talks to finish a $56 billion merger. While the overeenkomst, which would give the proposed cigarette giant 42 procent of the market, is almost certainly going to face scrutiny from antitrust legislators te Washington, analysts told Reuters today they are optimistic that the merger will go through.

By David Holmes , written on July 14, 2014

I.S.I.S. and the Western media: Groping each other te public like a Kardashian Thanksgiving

The war te Iraq is going pretty much like I predicted it would. The three factions—Kurds, Sunni Arabs, and Shia Arabs—are holding their own, consolidating their veen, not attempting very hard to occupy the other groups’ territories. The Sunni militias, led by I.S.I.S., the Caliphate of Loud-Talking, has bot making ridiculous noises about “liberating” not just all of Iraq but Rome and Spain.

By Gary Brecher , written on July 14, 2014

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